Cash Silk Embroidered Bookmarks, Made in England For Sale, limited stock
Monday May 22, 2023

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In early 2022, a TSLL reader, Isabel who lives abroad in Europe gifted me with a Cash bookmark. Needless to say, I loved it, and the bookmark was the inspiration for the gift the same bookmark (with various options available regarding design) given to TOP Tier Members when they preordered a signed bookplate for TSLL’s 3rd and most recent book The Road to Le Papillon: Daily Meditations on True Contentment.

Since that time, TSLL readers have requested that I welcome the bookmarks into TSLL Shop and sell them, and so that is what we are beginning today.

Today during the 5th Annual British Week, a limited supply of Cash bookmarks will be available until the stock runs out. These bookmarks are available in nine different designs, three of which commemorate King Charles III’s Coronation on May 6, 2023.

Made in England, Cash’s embroidered bookmarks are slightly different than most Americans are accustomed when it comes to using a bookmark as the tassel is meant to be placed at the bottom of the book, situated closer to your body and more easily accessible to open your book to the correct page without having to reach all the way over the top.

I have captured a few images of some of the bookmarks used in my own books below.

While I won’t keep the bookmarks stocked year-round, I will be making them available in a limited supply each British Week, so feel free to let me know throughout the year if there is a particular design you prefer and I will be sure to stock that in the coming year.


  • $19/ea bookmark
  • One bookmark = $2, shipped via envelope, standard USPS mail
  • Two or more bookmarks = $11.99 shipping total, shipped 2-3 days, flat-rate priority
  • TOP Tier Members, be sure to use the code emailed to you on Sunday, so long as you are still subscribed to the TOP Tier newsletter, to save 10%
  • You may buy more than one if they are different bookmarks, but you can only buy one bookmark of each design so as to make available the stock to more shoppers.

~Seen above starting in the upper-left-hand corner, moving clockwise: Red Bus – Coronation bookmark; Daffodils; Blue Tit w/white flowers; Iris, purple; Union Jack Coronation bookmark; Blue Tit (white flowers)~

Available Designs seen below, all nine:

  • Navy, Union Jack, Coronation
  • Blue Tit, with pinecones
  • Iris, purple
  • Daffodils
  • Willow Tit, pink echinacea
  • Blue Tit, white flowers
  • Painted Lady, monarch butterfly
  • Red London Bus, Coronation
  • Red Crown, Coronation

~Please Note: Stock is monitored automatically, so if your preferred style indicates it is out-of-stock then that design is no longer available or is currently in someone’s cart waiting to be purchased. As supply moves, I will try to share updates on my IG account in Stories.

Cash's silk embroidered Bookmarks-2

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Cash's Silk Embroidered Bookmarks 2

19 thoughts on “Cash Silk Embroidered Bookmarks, Made in England For Sale, limited stock

        1. Be sure to double check. I just went in and updated the stock numbers as for some reason they weren’t all accurate. I still have five designs available: Daffodils (3), Painted Lady (5), Iris (1) and Blue Tit w/blue flowers (1)

          1. Thanks for writing back. It seems like the bookmarks are very popular. Thanks again for offering them. You did a great job selecting the ones to carry.

    1. There are still bookmarks left. I have a feeling what happened is that many have them in their carts, but didn’t purchase all they selected. I would try again if you are interested.

  1. Well. I missed all of them, as I was ordering. Quelle dommage. But thank you, Shannon, for offering.

    1. There are still bookmarks left. I have a feeling what happened is that many have them in their carts, but didn’t purchase all they selected. I would try again if you are interested.

      1. Just tried again, but showing as done. Which is wonderful, so happy this has been so successful! No worries, thank you very much, Shannon.xo

      2. Success! I tried once again and voila! The bookmark with the pretty blue bird and flowers winged its way into my cart. 🙂 (The double-decker one was my favorite of course.) Thanks Shannon!

  2. Thank y’all for helping. I still am unable to complete a purchase. I have loved the one I got when I purchased your book, Shannon and I love it! Will try again in the future.

  3. I was able to order the butterfly bookmark. The ordering process was confusing at first. I had some trouble last year too while ordering my books. One step that helped me was not ordering from my phone but ordering from my computer. Thanks Shannon.

    1. Yep, ordering on the phone is not always possible. I recommend, as you have shared, placing orders on a laptop or desktop. Thank you for sharing Anita, and I received your order and will send it out tomorrow! Thank you for your interest and persistence. 🙂

  4. I tried a few times to order the Iris, but I think it went quickly….next time! This is such a great idea, thank you Shannon!

  5. Since your introduction to Cash’s bookmarks these have made several loved ones’ smile as gifts; they’re lovely place-holders. Thank you – there is something about a ‘real’ book an a non-disposable bookmark. Simply luxurious – it represents time, thinking, ideating, imagining, the simple pleasure found in giving to oneself in carving out time to read. Many thanks, Shannon!

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