TSLL’s 5th Annual British Week Has Begun!
Sunday May 21, 2023

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If it’s spring and if it’s May, I start to become quite excited for this annual event on the blog, the now 5th Annual TSLL British Week, and this year Nelle joins Norman and I and all of you, TSLL Community, to celebrate all things British for an entire week here on the blog.

With a hot cuppa nested on my side table, a view to peer out onto my blossoming cherry trees as I type, and rain in the forecast, it feels quintessentially British and thus an ideal time to kick off this special week.

While I haven’t had the opportunity to venture over the pond to England since last year’s trip prior to the 4th Annual British Week, it has been the incorporation of daily rituals, décor ideas and appreciations and celebrations prompted by the British culture that have further fueled my affection for Britannia and what inspired much of this week’s content. However, I am excited to share that there are a few posts that have yet to be shared here on the blog from my trip in April ’22, and I look forward to including those this week as well.

With that said, it is time to kick off the festivities, so let’s do just that . . .

What to Look Forward to This Week During TSLL’s British Week

  • Six giveaways for eleven winners with the Grand and final Giveaway being announced on Friday May 26th with only a 24-hour window to enter, so do be sure to stop by throughout the week to enter. And it is a special, never-before-included giveaway I mentioned a bit about in May’s A Cuppa Moments and will share all the details come this Friday.
  • Two posts every day this week, running through Saturday May 27th, and all of the giveaway winners will be announced in the final post on Sunday May 28th. 
  • A special guest from London joins me for a new podcast episode, #358. Tune in Wednesday May 24th.
  • The return to TSLL’s Shop of Cash’s silk embroidered bookmarks, a limited inventory with new designs, some to commemorate King Charles III(‘s Coronation.
    • explore all of the available designs here
    • Monday May 22nd (evening), the bookmarks will become available
    • They will not be restocked until next year’s British Week, so scoop one up if you want one quickly.
    • Available to ALL readers (non-members and members); TOP Tier will receive 10% off their purchase.
  • Be sure to explore becoming a TOP Tier Member (monthly, quarterly or yearly options available) — ad-free reading AND exclusive opportunity to enter all of British and French Week’s giveaways, unlimited reading of all TSLL’s content. Yep, even the exclusive content which includes TSLL home tours, garden posts and Shannon’s Journey posts (what made me smile, Saturday Ponderings and the monthly A Cuppa Moments video chat), as well as discounts on items brought to TSLL’s Shop (Trugs, bookmarks, etc.).
  • Guest Passes available for temporary TOP Tier Membership: If you would prefer to sign up for TOP Tier Membership for just one month so you can enjoy British Week, you can do so here for only $10 with no automated payments (scroll to the bottom of the page you will be taken to, and click on Guest Membership, $10/mo).
  • And the first giveaway is live now on the blog – be sure to log in if you are a TOP Tier Member, or become one so you can enter.

Speaking of the first giveaway, let’s get right to it . . .

The 1st Giveaway —a Roberts Radio

A Revival Petite (bluetooth enabled) Roberts Radio

  • One lucky winner will receive their very own Revival Petite Roberts radio (just like the one below), select their preferred colours (seven options), and welcome quality sound into their home that is hard to believe comes from that small, petite radio, but yet, it is awesome, full sound.
  • A Value of $120.
  • Visit this post to learn more about the giveaway and how to enter.
  • Do NOT leave a comment on this post if you wish to enter the giveaway. It will not be included. (enter here instead)
  • This giveaway is exclusive to TOP Tier Members. (explore becoming a Member of TSLL Community here)

Learn more about exactly what is being given away in this post where you will also be able to enter. (If you leave a comment here, you will not be entered in the giveaway – be sure to leave a comment on the Giveaway post – linked here.)

~Click here to Enter the Roberts Petite Bluetooth Radio Giveaway!

Thank you for stopping by as we begin a week celebrating our love of the British culture. Look for two new posts each day throughout the week and Cherrio!

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36 thoughts on “TSLL’s 5th Annual British Week Has Begun!

  1. Woo-hoo, British Week, always a treasure that I really look forward to! Thank you, Shannon, can’t wait to enjoy and revel in the celebration!🇬🇧

  2. As a Brit now living in Phoenix, I am so excited for the coming week! As for the Robert’s radio, oh my, what a fabulous prize!!!

    1. Welcome Lyn to the Valley of the Sun! I live north of you in mile high Prescott. I, with you, am looking forward to British Week. There’s much to look forward to in Shannon’s posts. The radio is a precious Gen. What a prize. ~ Teresa

  3. Dear Shannon, I’m always looking forward to both British and French weeks because you always create so much interesting content, I always learn something new. I read your blog posts throughout the year but I don’t comment that much since I’m often a bit behind. This blog is a cozy moment between taking care of my baby and the home chores. I love the possibility of saving the articles I prefer the most because I can easily approach them when I want to. These weeks are special because of the exicetment of new content every day and also the sweet hope of winning something from the beautiful giveaways. I’m so happy because new Britush Week has started!

    1. Mateja,

      So lovely to read your comment. Thank you for sharing how you enjoy this special week on the blog and thank you for your kind words. 🙂 So happy to hear you and your little one are well. xoxo

  4. Before I hop over to learn more about the giveaway, just wanted to let you know how much I love British Week!! I too have a love of all things Brittania, and having British grandparents I was lucky enough to be raised with so many of their daily traditions. You always share something new for me to explore!

    1. Maureen,

      What lovely memories to have. Thank you for sharing. 🙂 So tickled to read of your excitement for this week. I do hope you enjoy and thank you for stopping by as it all begins!

  5. Shannon this is so exciting. I completely share your love of French and British life. I was fortunate enough to do a year abroad in England was I was an undergraduate. It completely changed how I approach life. Your blog is such a lovely reminder of that time. Thank you!! I’m so excited to share my first British week with you and the TSLL community!

  6. WooHoo! My newish yearly ritual…School year over, final grades have been submitted, and British Week begins. To me, this signals the start of my summer break!

  7. …….and so it begins !
    I love your British Week Shannon, it is always so interesting when you share your thoughts about my homeland 🙂, and your enthusiasm is infectious !
    French Week is also one of my favourites, so there will be even more Petite Plaisirs to look forward to later in the Summer.
    I will actually be on holiday on North Wales next week , so the British Week posts will be read from a converted Coach House in Snowdonia .
    The Giveaways you have chosen for us sound enticing , thank you so much for generously sourcing so many goodies for us .
    Have a lovely week everyone .
    With best wishes to you all from the UK

    1. Anne have a lovely week . Sending love to Wales. Hope the weather will be kind. Love. Kameela xx

      1. Thank you Kameela 🙂 I’m not sure if you have picked up the Jacqui Lawson note card I sent you by e mail ? Hope you are well, and enjoying British week 🇬🇧
        Love x Anne x

  8. Hi Shannon and all at TSLL
    I very much echo Anne’s reply. I look forward to your British and French weeks. I am always interested to see a different perspective about my homeland – Britain too.

    I am looking forward to the week.

    Warm wishes to everyone,

  9. The time of the year to enjoy the little things in our lives have began!!

    Shannon this is a membership that I have never regretted.
    There is always something in your books, articles, blogs and giveaways that puts a smile on my face and reminds me why as a European living in America I take our experiences completely different. I cannot wait to see what you have in store for us this year during British Week.

    We, my husband and I, want to thank you for helping us during the hardest times in our life..
    You have been a great source of discovery by sharing the love that you have for the simple luxurious things in life, because of that we found our purpose and a new exciting path.

    Thanks again for the incredible work you have done and the community you have created.


  10. Oh, and I forgot to tell you. I made Morning Glory Muffins last week and shared them with some friends for Mother’s Day. Everyone loved them.

  11. There is so much wonderful, useful and enlightening content on TSLL, but British Week is my absolute favourite! I am looking forward to each day’s post.

  12. Shannon thanks for hosting the 5th British Week. I love the themed posts and learning more about Britain and British products!🌟

  13. As I just mentioned in a comment in the radio draw post, I’m so delighted to see British Week! It gives me the excuse to take a breath & relax with a cuppa & just enjoy a break each day. We’re finally moving into our new house & it’s utter chaos — there’s still a TON of finishing needed & the Virgo Perfectionist in me is being driven mad. I keep using the mantra “what would Shannon do?” to keep me sane. LOL! It reminds me to stop & look out the windows at the amazing views, at the light pouring into all the rooms (all those hours spent with the architect getting those windows in the right spots has paid off), at all the details that were worth every moment of the time they took to settle on — & to remember that slow & steady wins the race. So thank you, Shannon!

  14. I’m so happy to have British Week to enjoy! Thank you Shannon for all your work on bringing this wonderful fun week to us! Cheers!

  15. British week brings me so much joy. I love everything about it. Thank you so much for doing this every May. It’s wonderful finding kindred spirits!!!

  16. Love British week Shanmon. Your enthusiasm for all things British is truly infectious. I always feel nostalgic Although I now live in France I’m still in very much in love with my adopted country. Revisited in April and so the memories are still dancing around.
    Have a great British week everyone. Kameela😊 🇬🇧

    1. The best of both worlds Kameela ………British Week and French Week to experience as someone who has lived in both places 🙂
      Have a wonderful week …….your photos on Instagram of all your baking and making goodies have had my mouth watering !
      x Anne x

  17. I echo everyone’s enthusiasm when we all celebrate British Week! Thank you Shannon, and looking forward to all the posts.
    The words that Sonia and Mateja used to describe your posts are so eloquent and “spot on”! Everyone enjoys this week so much!

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