Be Willing To Tumble
Monday September 20, 2010

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“Ruin is the road to transformation.” —Elizabeth Gilbert – Eat, Pray, Love

The journey, the process, it takes for a butterfly to reach the physical appearance of a “butterfly” is nothing someone would expect, at least at first glance.  Who could have imagined the idea that a caterpillar in all of its uniqueness, endless legs and limited crawling abilities that such an exquisite gravity defying creature would one day emerge?  The mere fact that it encompasses itself in a casket-like cocoon is quite a paradox in and of itself.  From a literal appearance of death to a beautiful rebirth into this absolutely amazing creature is an awesome thing.

It has been said many times that in order to truly achieve, one must know struggle.  In order to know happiness, one must know sadness, otherwise the appreciation of said happiness isn’t possible without its foil. In order to know success, one must know failure because if you already begin with success, what is there to pursue?

It is in the moment of striving for something and not attaining it that many wonder Is this worth my energy? Am I doing the right thing? Am I pounding my head against a brick wall that will never reveal the beauty which I seek that is on the other side?  It is in that moment of questioning, that your weaker self speaks up asking you to stop, to settle, to remain where you are. Don’t listen to it.

Whether it be a relationship that just doesn’t feel right, a job that leaves you restless and frustrated or a way of thinking that is being projected onto you that doesn’t sit well with your gut, you must take the risk of moving on in order to find your true purpose.

However, prior to making this decision, it may take a dark moment to wake you up to the fact that you must get out, that you must take the risk.  After all, in such an instance, it really is better to be sorry, than to be safe. In other words, take the risk.

Allow the ruin that has happened to be your materials that you use to build steps to your beautiful transformation, as Elizabeth Gilbert demonstrates in her book Eat, Pray, Love. While I know that there is much more to come in my life, both challenges and successes, I know in looking back that the struggles, the tears, the questions of why were something that thankfully I used to propel me to a better place.

It is so easy to lie in the rubble and settle, to feel sorry for yourself and ask others to come down to meet us, but what good is that doing?  Take a moment, absolutely, but then stand up and open your eyes to the possibilities you may have never even considered had this moment of ruin not occurred.  Consider yourself fortunate that you have an opportunity to create something that previously you were ignorant to.

“Like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis, you’ve taken some pretty tough circumstances and used them to grow. Now you’re developing into something lovely and fantastic beyond your wildest imaginings. During times like these, it’s good to remember how grateful you are – not only for the easy things in your life – but for the tough circumstances as well.  They’ve shaped you into something amazing.”

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11 thoughts on “Be Willing To Tumble

  1. LOVE that last quote – i always say it’s the ‘hardest and most difficult points in your life that shape you, not the easy momements’ – and i’ve been through some ugly times, but i’m more beautiful now on the inside then ever! .. it’s SO true!

  2. I love the woman sitting on the rocks overlooking the ocean! I wish I was sitting on those rocks right now. How peaceful!

    I hope you are having a beautiful Monday!


  3. I found this post today and it could not have resonated more. I am in the transition and questioning phase of getting out of a relationship with someone who is really wonderful, that I have great times with, but can also be negative very often and brings down my spirit. I am questioning whether it is worth the risk to leave in hopes of finding a brighter, more wholly fulfilling relationship and risk of losing the one is that currently ok some of the time. I am young, unmarried and I do not see the further that I want with this person, only parts of it are there. I am questioning everything but feel then need to leave this to find something better out there for the long haul. In all- thank you for giving me some courage to ponder this. It is not life or death and you’re right, sometimes, and hopefully in this case, it is better to be sorry than safe, right?

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