Why Not . . . Improve Your Life? Part Trois
Wednesday September 22, 2010

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Today is the third and final part in our Improve Your Life series. While there are many more tips and suggestions that could be made as to how one can improve their life, the five that you will be presented with today deal with the world that surrounds you, how to best handle it and mold it into something that your dreams once only imagined.

Over the last two weeks, approaches on how to better approach your day to day life as well as simple tweaks that can be made throughout your day that can increase the quality of life were shared. I hope you have been able to grab hold of one or more of the fifteen suggestions that have been discussed and I can’t wait to hear of the positive change it has brought into your life.  Your emails truly make my day, so keep them coming.

Enough with the introduction, let’s move on to what you’ve all come here to read about.

Find Balance

Recently a dear blogger asked the question, how do I balance my life? and after giving it some thought, the most effective response I know to produce the best results is to know what your priorities are.  There are many things in a person’s life that are important, but as long as they know what is at the top of their list, they are better able to let go at certain times when time becomes a precious commodity.  This does not mean that they must give up these lesser important passions, it simply means that when things become chaotic, when time is quickly passing by, they know instinctively where to best put forth the little energy that is  left at the end of the day.

Stop Reading the News

While I know many people are reliant on staying current with the news due their jobs and/or livelihood, I sincerely believe that at the very least, editing the amount of news you take in can do wonders for your state of mind on a daily basis.  Think about it.  When you go on vacation or are unable to turn on the television or read a newspaper for whatever reason, what do you worry about?  Most likely, if you are indeed worrying about anything it is regarding the people and circumstances that are near and dear to you. And when you know all is well in your world, your mood is elevated and you are able to revel in each moment without stressing about external forces that you have no control over.


No matter what your age, learning something new should always be occurring.  Not only will it prolong your good health, but it will also provide a broader perspective and a much more forgiving heart as you learn and experience the tales of other people whether they be real or fictitious. A book is the most frugal way to travel, so why not always keep a book in your purse, by your bed table, or next to your favorite reading chair?

Trust Your Gut

Everyone has intuition.  Some have exercised theirs a bit more due to simply listening and not repressing it, but ultimately trusting your intuition is listening to your heart.  If something is drawing your attention and it feels good or right (and safe), why not take a chance?  You can’t guarantee that each time you follow your instinct it will be what you had imagined, however, as long as you choose to learn from each experience, your gut reactions will grow and you will become better skilled at interpreting what they mean for you.  Besides, think of all of the adventures and amazing experiences that await your participation?

Be Thankful

Expect nothing from anyone, do not assume anyone owes you anything and always be thankful. Too often people believe that if they do something for someone, that certain someone must do something for them, when in reality this notion loses its beauty due to the expectation of something in return.  Instead, try this.  Each time a kind gesture is bestowed upon you, thank them genuinely in a way that sits well with your heart, and then pay it forward. The beauty of this is that on both ends it is unexpected and most likely very much genuinely received.

Looking back over the fifteen ideas that have been presented in this series, it is my hope that the quality of your life improves even more.  Each of us will go about our day-to-day lives in a way that best sits well with us, however, I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed and were able to take away something from this series.  If you’d like to take a look back over the first two segments, click here for part one and part two.

Have a beautiful and hopeful Wednesday, and thank you so much for stopping by The Simply Luxurious Life.

12 thoughts on “Why Not . . . Improve Your Life? Part Trois

  1. Oh how I adore this list! Trusting your gut is a chapter in the book, and one of the things I truly credit with bringing so much joy into my life.

    You officially rock.

  2. Fabulous Shannon as always.
    For me stop reading the news is a biggie!
    My husband and I have been on a “news-diet” for 3 years. We never put the news on the radio or TV. We scan the newspapers on-line in the morning, and this way we stay informed, but selective. I am always being asked how do I stay so happy and optimistic. I put it down to “no news”! It’s difficult at first, but something my coach recommended; and I thank her so much.
    I also love “Be Thankful”, another “biggie” that can really turn your life and attitude around ten-fold.

  3. no joke – i don’t read the celeb gossip anymore – and it feel good! – i’m trying to stay away from “fashion news” to AVOID buying any more “things” – i’m @ the point of disgust with myself with all the superficial things i have – it’s SO un-needed

  4. I completely agree with avoiding the news. After 9/11 I noticed I was glued to the television….the I wondered why I was so sad and depressed. My husband said, maybe if you stopped watching the news you would be happy again. He was right. Seems the news favors showcasing what is wrong in the world with just a dash of good news.

    Have a happy Wednesday!

  5. What an incredible post. I absolutely feel that the news is a stressor. Although I TRY to keep current with important issues, hearing about who is murdering who makes me depressed. I would much rather focus on the people who are near and dear to me!!

    and I LOVED what you said about paying it forward. Not expecting someone to do something for you just because you did something for them! It is called being genuine and there are too many people who do things for an alterior motive! Drives me crazy!!

    Great points shannon!!

  6. Wonderful tips. I still need to get better about finding balance but I am getting there. Also I’ve recently taking up reading again after a very long absence. Rather than checking my blackberry on my commute I emmerse myself in a book and there’s nothing more relaxing and renewing that than. I can’t believe I spent all of those years flooding myself with pointless stressful info rather than escaping and reflecting.

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  7. Another wonderfully written post Shannon, thank you so much for sharing. I love this list and believe in each of the points. I only listen to the news in the morning when getting ready, that is the right balance for me. Now I just need to carve time for my books.

  8. Why not? I think I will – Thank you!

    Stop reading the news- was especially good for me to read, I’ve been feeling guilty for not being interesting in the doom and gloom that is offered in the news so much.

  9. I’ve loved this series, friend. It’s been truly wonderful and inspiring to read. I am going to go back and read the first two parts again just for the inspiration. When life gets hectic (always lately) sitting down to read your blog is like going to get a pedicure (relaxing) and being given an envelope to take with you containing something to open later to make your life a little better. And what could be better than that?

  10. I agree with other commentators about the “no news.” Especially those news channels (for ex: Fox News), it’s just a bunch of people screaming at each other, even those election commercials are heinous. Though I enjoy reading the newspaper when I get the opportunity.

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