Why Not . . . Be Attractive to Wealth?
Wednesday January 22, 2014

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 “My definition of financial freedom is the ability to live the lifestyle you desire without having to work or rely on anyone else for money.” – T. Harv Eker

Much like being attractive to a potential employer or mate, being attractive to wealth manifests itself in our attitude toward financial success. If we believe that we are incapable of achieving financial success, we are quickly steering ourselves down the path of sabotage. But if, on the other hand, we educate ourselves about the ways in which money is transferred and accrues in value and functions in our lives and in our world, we begin to navigate a life that is open to more financial prosperity.

In T. Harv Eker’s #1 Best Selling Bookhe enumerates the many ways we train our minds to either acquire or shun wealth. After reading the book, I observed many parallels to living a conscious life in order to live the life of our dreams. Both require intention, education, dedication and a mastering of our minds. And once we realize that we are the masters of our future, or as I shared in the first post of 2014, the maestro’s of our orchestra, it is then up to us to figure out what we want so that we can get about the business of attaining our goals.

Today I’d like to share you a list of ways to become more attractive to wealth as inspired by T. Harv Eker’s advice. Let’s get started.

1. Master what you fear. Rather than letting fear stop you – I don’t know if I can handle the responsibility that comes with the promotion. Investing in the stock market makes me nervous. Investing in my education may not pay off. What about paying back the loans? – see fear as an opportunity to gain more knowledge. The power of fear is that is seeks to control you. You need to take back the power, educate yourself and by doing so you regain your power because you know how to navigate past it.

2. Welcome hard work for it will provide many riches as a result of your efforts. Rather than choosing the route that is easy and convenient, choose instead to understand what you desire, what will make you happy, what will create a better life for you, your family and improve the world at large. In doing so, the interim will be exhausting, but the results will sweet and plentiful.

3. Train, manage and master your thoughts. First, come to understand where you mind wanders to when it is left to its own devices. Then come to understand why it travels to unhelpful destinations. Often it is fear which is spawned from lack of knowledge. Replace any unhelpful, debilitating thoughts with helpful, supportive positive mantras. When a negative or frightening thought pops up, be conscious of it, squash it, say what you need  your mind to think  out loud if necessary and gradually it will be a habit and automatic state of mind. Also, be wary of which environments create the negative, unhelpful thoughts. Refrain from listening, watching or being around environments that make it difficult to produce a mindset that is productive and positive.

4. Let your money work for you. Initially you will have to work very, very hard to end up in a place where you can afford to let your money work for you, but aim for that goal. After all, it is that initial front-end loading that will be the difference. How can your money work for you? Investments, delegating tasks to free up your time to focus on other more important business matters and projects, owning property, licensing your ideas, earning royalties, etc.

5. Become savvy with your money. Start small and create a budget on an Excel spreadsheet, track where your money goes, refuse to overspend and never make a purchase without being certain that you need it and you can afford it. When you have control of your spending, begin investing, paying off debt and then begin investing and taking risks with your money wisely. The basic premise being, either you control your money, or it will control you. Choose the former.

6. Choose your company wisely. The people you spend time with have an indirect effect on how you view money, how you spend money and your overall motivation to achieve the success you wish. Spend time with those who respect themselves, their dreams and wish to continually gain knowledge about life. Choose to spend time with people who inspire you, motivate you and are positive influences.

7. Seek what makes you happy, rather than seeking money to be happy. If you aren’t happy without money, you’re far less likely to be happy with it.  Now granted, so long as the basics are taken care of – food, shelter, clothes. But ultimately, money provides an opportunity to bring amazing experiences into your life, to support charities and institutions that you wish to grow and flourish, but simply earning money to show how worthy you are is the wrong motivator to achieve true financial success and wealth. In other words, as Eker points out, money will simply make you more of what you already are – hopeful or cynical, determined or defeated, etc.

8. View obstacles as opportunities. Every barrier comes with a lesson attached. A lesson that can be used to move forward and aid us in future successes. And the good news is, there will be successes, so long as you choose to move forward.  Did the first credit card you had become a crutch? Use it as a lesson about how to handle debt properly. Did you become impatient and buy the hot stock that was soaring through the markets, only to realize you should have done your research prior to the surge to capitalize on the gains? No mistake is ever a waste of time if you choose to learn the lesson it is trying to teach.

9. An attitude of appreciation, not resentment. So what if someone else makes more money than you do and is doing well. What does it matter that Bill Gates is awash in monetary success? Learn from him, listen to how he found his path. Similarly with Oprah who owns more than just a few properties and media outlets (OWN, O magazine, etc) – good for her! Rather than scoff at people who have done well and assume the worst about their character, or means of acquiring success, choose to learn from them. While there are certainly some excessively rich people who came by their money questionably, there are far more people who earned it fair and square. So shift your attitude and gather as much knowledge available. It is yours to gain or cast aside. Choose wisely.

10. Provide something of value. Whether it is a particular skill, your compassion, your patience, or your expertise on a particular topic, so long as you can provide something that is helpful to others, you will be successful. Come to understand your strengths, pay attention to these strengths, continue to work at them and improve them, and realize they may just be your path to success and financial wealth.

11. Accept the fact that you are the creator of your destiny. The moment you realize that you really do hold the reins to your success or defeat is the moment, if you’re like me, when you ignore the naysayers, you put your nose to the grindstone (or computer in my case) and work you like you’ve never worked before.

There are many more ways offered in the book to help mold one’s thinking to become more attractive to wealth, but the eleven shared above are ones that I have found to be particularly true based on my own experience and observation of others who have been successful with money and achieving their dreams.

More than anything, money is simply energy, and when you realize that you are either open to this energy or closed off to it, you realize you have so much power in creating the life you have imagined. Will it be easy? Heck no! Will it be worth it? If the path you choose leads to a life of fulfillment and keeps in tune with your values and priorities, it will be more amazing than you can imagine at this moment.

~Please do share your experience with being attractive to wealth. It is often your stories that inspire others you may never meet.


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7 thoughts on “Why Not . . . Be Attractive to Wealth?

  1. Excellent post! All of these points are crucial to financial freedom and I would add one more-thinking for yourself. Trusting your creativity and ingenuity allows you to offer the world something unique and therein lies your purpose in life.

  2. I love this post Shannon. I was watching Marie Foleo’s latest video (I assume you follow her) and she had Kate Northrup on talking about this exact topic. It really opened my eyes to a new way of thinking about money. I am now off to check out Eker’s book, thank you!

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