An Important Detail to Include When Making Travel Plans
Wednesday May 2, 2018

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“There is a kind of magicness about going far away and then coming back all changed.”
― Kate Douglas Wiggin

No matter where our travels beckon us, the journey home can be long. Especially so if we’ve had a most wonderful and life changing experience. Even if we adore our sanctuary and town of residence, knowing our journey has come to an end can be difficult. But as well, if we have longed to return, most often we are exhausted. And while our perspectives may have expanded, our knowledge of what we once knew having found more clarity and deeper understanding, the one thing that we often crave is a homemade meal, in particular, a favorite comfort meal.

As I was perusing the most recent issue of Bon Appétit magazine, their Travel Issue, a detail was shared regarding recommendations for traveling well. Upon reading it, I immediately concurred.

Shared by Bon Appétit contributor Tommy Werner, the recommendation “Don’t Leave the Fridge Totally Bare” is sage advice.

Before we leave our homes to see the vast, amazing world, it is necessary to situate our abodes (empty the trash, schedule the necessary care and house-sitting, clean out the fridge so that nothing goes bad, etc.) with the necessary ingredients to make our most longed for and simple to make meal to enjoy upon arriving home from our travels.

While we may not be able to have a meal that would have fresh fruit or vegetables, we can have a scrumptious pasta dish with quality Parmigiano Reggiano in a Spaghetti all Carbonara or Lemon Shrimp with Linquini (keep the raw shrimp in the freezer). Whatever your favorite comfort meal is, plan ahead, stock the refrigerator with just enough so that regardless of what time you arrive, you will feel welcomed, nourished and perhaps well-suited to fall into a blissful nap and begin to recover from jet lag.

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6 thoughts on “An Important Detail to Include When Making Travel Plans

  1. Great tips. I cannot go away without leaving a spotless house. Crisp linen on the bed and lots of fluffy towels and candles in the bathroom. I also take the same candles with me in travel size They are the things I miss after being away so can relax on return.?

  2. I was just thinking about this too. We are going to Tx in a few weeks over the weekend, normally when I do grocery shopping. I have Friday off to prep, that’s when I will be doing some shopping.

    I have noticed that some produce need to ripen on the counter for a few days, it may be ready when you get home!

    What a nice treat. Thank you Shannon for bringing this up!

  3. Such good advice!! We always try to keep some extra staples for that reason and we try to purchase veggies for the fridge the day before we leave so they are on hand when we get back. Obviously this doesn’t work for longer trips but that is the freezer’s time to shine. 🙂

  4. Oh my goodness, Shannon – we are of one mind. I saw your post in my email this morning and as I was reading I thought of the same article, and as I progressed realized you were referring to the exact article that resonated with me as well!! I am so excited about making a quick and comforting cacio e pepe after my Memorial Day trip in a couple weeks.

    Speaking of this issue of Bon Appetit – how fabulous was the feature on eating and living like an Italian in the summer?

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