5 Simple Changes to Create Significant Immediate Contentment
Monday November 30, 2020

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Something as simple as a sliver when removed, floods the physical body with immediate relief.

As I stood in my bathroom with a tweezers and needle in my hand this past weekend, I gently pulled out a minuscule tip of wood from the inside of my thumb. Elation. A deep breath of an erasure of a simple yet aching pain each time I would use my hand to hold a book, mug or tool. I began to consider the relationship to small eradications in our own lives and the significant difference they can make. Most definitely, small removals, deletions, and refrains can affect our overall joy and contentment in our day-to-day routines.

Let’s take a look at simple ways we can change our lives for the better:

1.Eliminate the critical voice you speak with to yourself

Remove the criticism, remove the judgment, remove the negative bias when things don’t go your way each time. Simply changing that voice changes the energy within you and therefore, what you radiate to the world.

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2. Change how you speak to others or about the day

A simple norm to follow is only to speak words which are honest, kind and true. Whatever you say needs to fit all three in order to be uttered. Not only will this train you into speaking after you have thought through what you might say, but it also avoids rash comments, reactionary comments or sarcasm that will not deepen the type of relationships of quality and sincerity you may silently desire.

3. Refrain from comparing yourself to anybody, ever, at all. Period.

The only exception is to compare yourself to who you were yesterday, but even then, it’s not helpful. When we compare we are unable to celebrate what is going well, not only for ourselves, but for the person we are comparing ourselves to. In episode #286, the focus of the show was how to let go of comparing and has everything to do with the ultimate goal of healing ourselves. When we let go of comparison, we give ourselves the space and energy to heal what needs our attention. When we compare, we are avoiding what would ultimately help us to live a more fulfilling and tranquil life full of contentment.

4. Be present, be vulnerable, be resolute

Whenever we have the opportunity to communicate with someone, especially face-to-face, the best way to ensure a positive and productive outcome as well as potential for building something for the future – whether a network for work or a lasting friendship or romance – is to be fully present, listening without agenda, sharing back and forth naturally and knowing where we stand on whatever the issue may be, not bending to please, but communicating with respect for ourselves and the goal of building a civil, honest and respectful relationship.

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~On being vulnerable: episode #126, A Powerful Couple: Boundaries & Vulnerability

~On being resolute: episode #179, The Importance of Knowing Yourself & The Critical Must-Have for a Healthy Relationship

5. Slow the pace and give yourself space

When we slow down, we give our mind the creative space to reveal what it needs to share with us – about our hopes, our worries, our desires – our truth. When we listen, we learn. We learn about what needs to heal. We become rested so we can make better decisions to lead us to our stronger, our more healthy selves and a better life that is filled with love, support and sincere respect.

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It still amazes me how such a simple extraction – a sliver from my thumb – can change the focus of my attention, change my ability to do everyday tasks without thinking, change my understanding of what I can do with ease. Seemingly small stressors, while they may appear non-life threatening, debilitate our ability to live fully, live deeply and therefore, live well. How we think, what we say, how we engage, how we move through our days – these are the ingredients that determine the overall quality of our lives.

Such good news reveals how close we all are to living today more of the life we wish we had, and how simple it can be. Today, take the time, five seconds, five minutes, to check your thoughts, to check the words you utter before you say them, to pull your foot off the pedal of life’s schedule, and begin to notice a significant positive change.

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10 thoughts on “5 Simple Changes to Create Significant Immediate Contentment

  1. I have enjoyed your blog for years. I don’t know if this is a problem for others but sometimes I have trouble finding which category your new posts are under. When you list new postings, would it be possible to mention which category the new posting is under? I am always so excited to read what you have to say. I would love to be able to go straight to it more easily. Thank you so much for all you do.

    1. Sandy, Good morning and thank you for your time and continued interest in TSLL over the years. 🙂 I appreciate your question and I hope I can help with these this simple way to find the category. On today’s post, if you look at it on the homepage, the category will be listed underneath the image and just above the title. You should see “Lifestyle” under the photo of the water. I am not sure what you mean by going to it straight away as the most recent post is always at the top of the homepage. If you want to explain further, I am all ears and happy to help. 🙂

      Thank you again for your comment and stopping by. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead. 🙂

  2. Good morning Shannon,
    Thank you for your post. It’s exactly what I needed!
    Miss your Monday podcasts! Those, I used to listen while on my commute to work. Always inspiring and uplifting! They changed my day for the better.

  3. Thank you for your response. I have been going straight to my account rather than checking the home page first. I will start doing this now that I know. Thanks again. Your books and blog have meant so much to me.

    1. Ah!! I see! That makes sense and is a good idea. A simple way to go directly to the homepage from your Dashboard is to click the header (the girl and the dog at the top of the blog page). This takes you immediately to the homepage with all of the posts and the most recent at the top of the page. Thank you again and have a wonderful week Sandy. ?

  4. Dear Shannon,

    What a short yet sweet and deeply insightful post. I am blown away by the intentionality you put into each piece you write, from word choice to content selection. Thank you for creating one of my favorite online havens that feels like curling up with a warm blanket to read. Your commitment to this site and your community is greatly appreciated, and you have improved the quality of all of our lives.

  5. I really enjoyed this thoughtful post. It made me wonder what is the difference between speaking only what is honest and what is true (point #2). Could you help me understand what you meant?
    Thank you.

    1. Sandra, Good question. Often we react rather than respond. Our words don’t reflect the truth – i.e. “You are always late.” – but rather reflects how we feel when someone we love is late as it makes us feel less important in their lives. Knowing how we truly feel and understanding whether it is constructive and kind with regards to the relationship or situation we want to build or invest in is key to healthier relationships. Not only with others but with ourselves as well.

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