15 Ways to Cozy into Autumn
Monday September 27, 2021

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Autumn has arrived, and I am in need of cozying in and finding comfort. The pumpkins take pride of place at the local markets, and the parks and yards and gardens have begun to shift into their showtime performances we have long awaited.

Today, discover 15 ideas for savoring and cozying in after the summer season from food and baking ideas, sartorial inspiration, books to read and activities to immerse yourself.

1.Enjoy an aperitif with a nutty cow or sheep’s cheese paired with what you harvest in your vegetable garden or pick up at the local farmers’ market.

2. Lose track of time and wander about in a garden awash in autumnal hues

My mother’s garden. This hedge of maples presents a symphony of autumnal colors.

3. Enjoy the comfort of someone else baking amazing creations while watching the new season of GBBO (The Great British Bake-Off) each Friday night, running into mid-November.

4.Add an authentic olive oil soap from Marseille to your beauty routine – Traditional Marseille Soaps – Savon de Marseille

David Lebovitz recently wrote a helpful, deep-in-detail post on the history and what constitutes a true Savon de Marseille and how to distinguish from want-to-bes. One of the companies you can shop that ship to the states is Savonnerie Marseillaise de la Licorne. I just placed an order for a couple of their traditional Marseille cube soaps (must be made of 72% olive oil) as well as oval soaps for the shower in one of their many scents (lavender was my preference).

5. Speaking of the skincare and beauty routine, soak in a bubble bath and stock your supplies for time spent immersed amongst the bubbles (my favorite is from L’Occitane).

6. Plant out daffodil and muscari and any other spring bulbs you wish to see in your garden in five to six months.

7. Enjoy the final fresh fruit and vegetables from the garden (or can them, or turn them into jam or jelly or your favorite spread)

Currently my blackberries and strawberries are begging to be picked, and I will be indulging them to either enjoy on the spot or prepare them for jam or freeze them for winter enjoyment.

8. Watch Milan and Paris’ fashion weeks

Paris Fashion Week begins today and runs through October 5. Follow my favorites here on Pinterest.

9. Read a lovely book to celebrate the season – Autumn: A Novel by Ali Smith

Ranked as one of the ten best books of the year 2017 by The New York Times, a Man Book Award Finalist: Autumn: A Novel

10. Make a large batch of Morning Glory Muffins and freeze most of the batter to be enjoyed later in the season when schedules become a bit busier and mornings need a delicious (and healthy!) boost.

A simple recipe that continues to be my favorite muffin-to-bake in my kitchen.

11. Speaking of baking, stock up your freezer with homemade croissants and pain au chocolat!

I just tended to this task myself and made a full batch of both, freezing them so that each Saturday night, I can pull one or two out, defrost in the fridge, and then, let them rise Sunday morning (for three hours in a proofing oven), and bake for a warm, delicious Sunday morning breakfast.

~recipe is here and soooo simple to make

12. Make plans to enjoy your local performances as they begin to resume

I recently restarted my donation/subscription to our local symphony and cannot wait for the first performance since March 2020. Wearing a mask will be more than worth the opportunity to hear the music of the talented volunteer musicians in person.

13. Add a candle or two to your candle cupboard ideal for fall

An investment but a lovely one might be from Trudon – Solis Rex (Versailles Wooden Floors).

14. Create a cozy sitting area in your home (or tidy up your already created space).

Recently, my fireplace was retiled (check out September’s A Cuppa Moments video chat to see how it came together – a post with a detailed tour is coming soon), sconces were added so I can read and write during the winter, and now I am looking for proper pillows as well as coasters to complete the space.

15. Preorder a much-anticipated book from Instagram Influencer Paula Sutton – Hill House Vintage

Being released on October 19th! Preorder here.

Wishing you a lovely start to the new season, and for my Southern Hemisphere readers, here are a couple of posts to jump excitedly into spring – here and here.

More posts for celebrating Fall’s arrival . . .

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7 thoughts on “15 Ways to Cozy into Autumn

  1. Wonderful autumn ideas Shannon. I am a Cire Trudon fan. Their candles are expensive but the scents are so complex, gorgeous (and evocative – Versailles Wooden Floors!) Nigel Slater lists his favorite CT scents in his book The Christmas Chronicles and David Sedaris once said you can’t ever go back to cheap candles after you have experienced Cire Trudon.
    Also, thank you for the link to the David Lebovitz post on Marseille olive oil soap. I have always wanted to try and now I will. Not cheap surely but he says one cube lasts him a year. I just wanted to alert you and your readers that this California gal sells them on her web site and shipping is free. Her Instagram is lovely too:


    1. Sally, Thank you for sharing all that you have about Trudon – a true example of investing in the quality for these candles. And thank you as well for sharing the link so more readers can have the soap without the shipping expense! I use my soaps in place of my body wash and love them. Have a wonderful autumn and thank you for stopping by.

  2. I love Autumn with the misty mornings and golden hues. Specifically I look forward to a woodland walk. I was looking at the Ali Smith novel, have you read it? I also need to stock up on new candles.

  3. Yesterday, while walking with my pup, I noticed how different the scents become with freshly mown grass as seasons change. Fall is such a beautiful season here that I spend as much time as possible outside, preparing for Winter. The air had a bit of a chill as well, the soup was simmering on the cooker, and my knitting has moved back into my work basket.

  4. Merci pour cette poste! I am in the process of binge-reading your posts, as this is the end of the month and work has been crazy this week for me. Now, I can finally relax and catch up!

    There is nothing like savoring seasonal fruit and vegetables at this time of the year. I love butternut squash and make stuffed squash with quinoa several times in the fall. I will also check out your peach tart and morning glory muffin recipes. Oui, when I have a not-so-busy weekend, I will finally try making croissants and savoring them with a Cuppa!

    Speaking of live concerts, I am so looking forward to watching my hometown’s philharmonic orchestra this weekend, the first full concert since February 2020. (I did watch their free shorter concerts this past summer.) I can’t wait to listen to Beethoven’s Eroica live to open the season. The start of the Philharmonic season feels like a rentrée. Not only do I watch the Philharmonic, we also catch up with our dear friends who regularly attend the concerts.

    Take care and happy October! xoxo

  5. Lovely ideas for soaking up this wonderful season.
    My freezer is stocked with some croissants and pain au chocolat already but thank you for reminding me to bake some more muffins! I can vouch for the recipe as I’ve made them a couple of times and they are delicious. Thank you Shannon.

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