11 Ways to Savor a Snow Day
Sunday January 8, 2017

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“Thank goodness for the first snow, it was a reminder–no matter how old you became and how much you’d seen, things could still be new if you were willing to believe they still mattered.” ― Candace Bushnell in Lipstick Jungle

The snow continues to fall, and from the images on IG, the snow was falling a little bit of everywhere yesterday. Alabama? Yep. The winter season which began in late 2016 and continues with us into 2017 has been nothing short of extraordinary. If you are someone who enjoys the slopes, heaven on earth has arrived indeed.

However, as someone who isn’t an alpine skier, but adores the winter wonderland that is given by Mother Nature’s design prowess, there are so many seasonal rituals I look forward to indulging in without apology when the snow falls so heavily that staying inside really is the best idea.

Below are 11 ways I have enjoyed spending my snow days, of which continues through today as more snow (and maybe freezing rain) is on its way. I look forward to hearing how you too enjoy spending these cozy opportunities as well. Take a look and enjoy a day to do as you please.

1. Start by doing what you love, follow your instincts

The moment you wake up you may feel groggy or refreshed. Either way, what is dancing around in your mind? What  would be most wonderful to experience? Do that.

2. Sip a hot cuppa

Upon looking outside you notice, yep, there is a lot of snow, and even though you find yourself inside your warm home, pour yourself some more warmth. Hot water with lemon, hot tea, your favorite coffee. Then sip and savor.

3. Read

Read the daily newspapers in the morning, the monthly magazines you have yet to peruse, a book that you have been eager to find time to get lost in. Throughout the day read when the mood strikes. Read for five minutes or read until you finish the book. Get lost in the words, the inspiration, the world that is introduced to you. Be reminded why you love reading so much. (View all books recommended by TSLL here.)

4. Cozy up your home

The cleaner and cozier my home the more I find myself able to truly relax, and so I found myself tending to my weekly house cleaning schedule yesterday morning. Upon completion, which took about 45 minutes (see the simple approach here), I felt liberated, as if the day was now mine to do absolutely anything that struck my fancy.

The cozy aspect is crucial as well. Make sure you have a throw or two, a candle offering a sensational scent, flowers to accessorize each common room and any other touch that completes your cozy. Here are some rooms for cozy inspiration.

5. Catch up on the Award Nominated Movies

As was mentioned on Friday’s This & That, The Golden Globe Awards will hand out their hardware today. And upon learning yesterday that the snow storm would only intensify later in the afternoon, I decided to jaunt down to my nearby theater to watch a late morning matinee of La La Land which has received the most nominations at seven.

What a delightful, colorful, inspiring and an exceeding-of-expectations this film was. I could not recommend it more. The stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are unabashedly playful and sincere, the musical genre is modernized yet classic in its approach, and the story-line . . . the storyline is a beautiful reminder that love and what one loves is possible. Find showtimes for the theater near you here.


6. Stock up at the market

Before snuggling in for the day, stop by your local market and pick up the needed ingredients for a good meal. Perhaps whip up your favorite sipping chocolate drink or a special occasion dessert. (See potential recipes here.)

7. To exercise or not to exercise

It’s up to you! That is the beauty of a snow day. A leisurely walk in the snow whilst bundled from head to toe, or maybe the shoveling of the drive will be your calorie burner.

8. Tend to you

Maybe you want to catch up on your sleep. Why not take a nap? Maybe you want to catch up on your beauty routine. Why not give yourself a facial, your hair a deep-moisture masque or a nails some love? Maybe you want to simply unwind. Why not begin with time for meditation and then just be? Turn on some soft music and let your needs guide your day.

9. Dream

“Snow falling soundlessly in the middle of the night will always fill my heart with sweet clarity” ― Novala Takemoto

Let yourself get lost in your thoughts. Pull out your journal, and put what is running through your mind on paper. Any idea, hope, plan or vision you have for today, tomorrow or far, far down the road. Often when we are given unexpected time to think, our truest hopes jump to the forefront of our minds. Why not take those hopes and figure out a way to make them your reality?

10. Watch the Golden Globes

It just so happens on this snow day (which has turned into a snow weekend) is the weekend of The Golden Globe Awards. And as such, much indulgence will be had over the watching of the red carpet as well as the announcement of the winners. A beautiful way to spend an evening.

11. Open a love bottle of wine

Make the dinner you went shopping for, dance in the kitchen as you conduct the magic of the ingredients into the meal your tastebuds clamor four and pour a glass of wine to sip while you work and savor while you dine.

May your snow day be restorative and magical. See you tomorrow on the blog with a new episode of the podcast!

~my backporch. Yep, we have a wee bit of snow here in Central Oregon~

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thesimplyluxuriouslife.com | The Simply Luxurious Life

8 thoughts on “11 Ways to Savor a Snow Day

  1. We live in Truckee, CA and today we are expecting a deluge of rain on top of the feet of snow we’ve already received. The day will start with mimosa’s and end with a comfort food recipe I’m excited to try-Port and Red Wine Braised Lamb Shanks. The fire is crackling and the movies are cued…

  2. In MA, we also had quite a bit of snow. I enjoyed our fire and tea. Then watched the last two episodes of Gilmore Girls. I might still watch Marguerite tonight.

    Though if I didn’t have a cold, snowshoeing through the woods with a thermos of hot chocolate in my backpack would also have been lovely ! : )

  3. It feels really strange to be reading your post and comments as I lie here sweltering on the couch in our Australian summer heat. Having only seen snow twice in my life it’s hard to imagine what it’s like to live in such cold weather. I must admit I do love living on the beach especially in summer.
    Thank you for your wonderful blog Shannon. This is my first comment after being a reader for many years.

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