This & That: No. 142



~Everyday Supermodel: My Beauty, Fashion and Wellness Secrets Made Simple by Molly Sims

To kick 2015 off on the right foot, model Molly Sims offers a new book based on her own successes, mistakes and struggles with fitness ideas, anti-aging beauty tricks, feel good advice and of course, fashion. With full-color illustrations throughout, dive into the new year with ample tips and inspiration to create the life you want.

~Overwhelmed: Work, Love and Play When No One Has Time 

On one of my many visits to my favorite local patisserie, the owner recommended to me a book she thought I would like. And upon promptly checking it out, I can see why she thought I might enjoy its contents. Now on my wish list, Overwhelmed by Brigid Schulte encourages us all to remember the true joys of life and shares with readers how to incorporate more of these moments into our everyday lives. If you’ve already read it, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Needless to say, I can’t wait for my copy to arrive.


~Kate Spade Rose Gold Silverware

Even if the food steals the show, the table setting catches your dinner guests’ eye as they patiently wait to see what you have been working on in the kitchen. And this silverware set will certainly be the chic finishing touch to complete your tablescape.


~Chloe Square-frame Metal Frame Sunglasses

The sunshine is coming this weekend, or so I’ve been told, and that means the need for sunnies. Chloe has always been a favorite of mine, and The Outnet is where I prefer to purchase them as they are at a fraction of the retail price.

~Iris & Ink Adrienne Navy Silk Shirt Dress

Navy, comfort, silk. Check, check, check. An affordable shirt dress for work or play in a neutral hue that will be worn for seasons to come.


~Grandchester on PBS

Critics have praised PBS’ latest Masterpiece Mystery series, Grandchester, for good reason. Upon sitting down Monday evening (it airs Sunday at 10pm) to get lost in a bit of detective drama, I too was impressed and have to agree. Set in a beautiful English countryside, a clergyman pairs up with the local police to help solve the unfortunate happenstance of murder that seems to regularly occur. A touch Murder, She Wrote with a dose of Law & Order.

1.23.15breakfast ~click here for three ideas for make-at-home brunches~

The work week may have been short, but the weekend couldn’t have arrived soon enough. Partly because I was eager for what lay ahead these next few days and partly because well, some weeks just aren’t all you hope for. Needless to say, getting out of town and tucking myself away in a new-to-me bed & breakfast in Portland is just the cure for a little TLC. Be sure to follow on Instagram to see where I’m off to, as I too am not sure what I will discover.

I must admit, sleeping in, sipping a hot cup of goodness and getting cozy with chilly January weather outside sounds absolutely delightful. In the meantime, I continue to be grateful and humbled by the kind words written by a few of my beloved fellow bloggers. Eleni of My Paradissi shares her thoughts on Choosing The Simply Luxurious Life: A Modern Woman’s Guide as does Aisling of Tresor Parisien who talks simple luxuries and the book’s arrival to her home in Paris. I do hope you’ll stop by their beautiful blogs and say hello.

In the meantime, below are a few articles I think you might enjoy reading. Have a lovely weekend, and thank you very much for stopping by. Until Monday, bonjour.

~12 Expensive Foods Nutritionists Say Are Worth the Splurge

~Happiness and how to stop getting in your own way of finding it

~Beauty Inspiration: 11 Habits of People with Flawless Skin

~For all eBook readers, a must-read. Are you really reading alone? The New York Review of Books shares an interesting article.



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Thoughts from the Editor


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Style Inspiration: The Height of Denim


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The Importance of Selecting the Best Reality


"Happiness is not about being blind to the negatives in our environment; it's about believing we have the power to do something about them." - author Shawn Achor from Before Happiness The Simple Sophisticate podcast, episode #21 The reality of the world we live in at first seems to be a constant that we can't change and something that we … [Continue reading...]

This & That: No. 141


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Thoughts from the Editor


January is one of those months you either love or loathe. And while, yes, I am craving the sun's attention as we've been tucked under gray, frigid clouds for quite some time, I actually quite enjoy this first month of year. Why? a month with no expectations an opportunity to catch one's breath time to reassess, set … [Continue reading...]

Style Inspiration: Luxe & Comfort


As January hangs on, and the clouds hang low, the urge to wear comfort and stay inside is very tempting. But even if we do relent, staying stylish is always possible. From the fabrics we choose, selecting a signature flat that completes the outfit or a beautiful pendant necklace that accentuates our neckline, chic and comfort can co-exist. One … [Continue reading...]

How to be the Master of Your Mind


"I am of the personal belief that through tough physical training, proper mindset, and a high level of maturity that mental toughness is born." -Stewart Smith, author of The Complete Guide to Navy SEAL Fitness The Simple Sophisticate, episode #20 What we think has an amazing effect on the reality of our lives. If we believe we are deserving … [Continue reading...]

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Thoughts from the Editor


One of my favorite daily work week rituals is to rise in the morning earlier than necessary, giving myself nearly two hours before I need to get out the door. Part of the reason I can get going at such an early hour is because I've come to claim my old soul which also means I go to bed earlier most nights than most people my age deem "normal". I … [Continue reading...]