Wimbledon Begins
Tuesday June 28, 2016

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The white attire, the grass courts, the potential rain showers and Henman Hill.

Yes indeed, all signs point to the commencement of Wimbledon. Having begun yesterday with the return of Roger Federer winning his first Grand Slam match after skipping the French Open due to a knee surgery and Serena Williams playing in the first round today against Amra Sadikovic of Switzerland as she begins to defend her 2015 title, I relish each of the grand slam tennis championships, but Wimbledon is truly unique.

Let alone the unique surface, the pomp and circumstance, the Queen’s box, to be virtually taken to England for two weeks is a treat (perhaps I am more of an Anglophile than I have admitted). And while I still think the women should play the best of five so that the matches aren’t over in the blink of an eye, whether it’s a sweep in two or a battle in three, Serena and each of the talented women’s tennis players amaze me with their finesse, fitness and dedication. As the profile interview recently seen in The Wall Street Journal’s Magazine featuring Serena Williams discussed, living and sleeping tennis is all but mandatory for the top athletes, which gives all the more reason for us to appreciate what they do. Take a moment to get to know Serene a bit more intimately in the interview here as well as see all of the photos captured by Maciej Kobielski. And for the entire Wimbledon schedule, click here.

3 thoughts on “Wimbledon Begins

  1. Being a huge tennis family of course the TV is permanently on in the background now that we have Wimbledon fortnight. Children engrossed, our eldest daughter is there today on Centre court, lucky her!

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