Why Not . . . Wear Rain Boots?
Wednesday April 10, 2013

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With April showers occurring regularly and often unexpectedly, it is always a good idea to incorporate rain boots into your about-town style. Whether you prefer to wear jeans or skirts, or even shorts, rain boots can easily (and not to be forgotten – stylishly) be integrated into your wardrobe.
1. Weather Resilient
As a dog owner, having a pair of rain boots is a must especially while living in an area that reports more than average rainfall. Knowing that the shoes you choose to wear will not be destroyed by the moisture, allows you to relax and enjoy the stroll through the puddles and perhaps dance through the sprinkles recreating your very own version of ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ sans Gene Kelly.

2. Common Sense Style
With spring, comes showers. And with showers come the need to dress accordingly. Since often the weather can change in a matter of minutes, having a pair of rain boots handy allows you to present yourself as an always stylish and well-prepared fashionista. Before you know it, people will be assuming you’re dating the weather man or are yourself a meteorologist.
3. Versatility
Depending upon your style preference, rain boots can be worn with a variety of options and assuredly look chic.  Here is a list to keep in mind when you know you’ll be needing to slip on your wellies:
*Tuck your skinny jeans inside
*Wear with leggings, a top and a trench
*Pair with shorts – love this look!
*Don’t forget boots work with dresses and skirts as well.
What you might have noticed is that they work well with just about anything and in nearly any occasion.

4. Reveal Your Signature Style
Now that you know you can wear them with nearly anything in your closet, have fun. Express a bit of your signature style.  Choose color that exudes your fabulousness and speaks to your personality. Also, if you don’t necessarily want to wear boots, but want protection from the rain, rain skimmers (rain-resistant flats) are a wonderful alternative to help keep you dry and stylish. Love these feminine, simple rain skimmers from Hunter as they come in all sizes and are less expensive than the boot. One last note, I know some women desire a boot that fits a larger calf. Have a look at Hunter’s Huntress as it addresses just this issue yet instill includes all of the luxuries of the original style.
So let it rain, because with your trusty rain boots, you can be confident you will always look effortlessly stylish.

11 thoughts on “Why Not . . . Wear Rain Boots?

  1. I love rain boots! As an adult I never thought about wearing them until I was in Venice during aqua alta and saw all the fashionable women wearing designer rain boots. I came back to the US and bought myself a cool pair of my own. Great post!

  2. Good timing on this post Shannon, as it is raining here today in OK. I have a pair of houndstooth rain boots but have been wanting a plain colored pair. Am now kicking myself for not picking up the cute shorter style pair I saw at TJ Maxx over the weekend….might have to go and see if they still have them today.

  3. Well, they’re practical when it’s raining, but otherwise I prefer real shoes, made of leather that lets my feet breathe 🙂

  4. As I type this it’s raining cats and dogs here in Victoria, B.C. and I love it 🙂 The pink Hunters are so darling.
    Have a good day and enjoy the rain.

  5. As a Brit I’ve always loved Hunters. In fact I use them more living in Spain where there are frequent occurrences of tropical storms than I do in London. They have become so fashionable now. I love mine even though I have the traditional hunting green. Maybe next time I’ll be adventurous with my choice of color 😉

  6. Sadly, I bought a pair of Hunter rain boots when they were on sale (thanks to your tip) however my legs are too short for the original ones. The tops hit right at the bend in my knee and I think after two minutes of walking in them I’d be annoyed and chafed! I don’t like the look of the shorter ones as much so I’m still in search of a quality pair that I love.

  7. This is a great post, as always Shannon.. The hunter Carnaby is going straight on my wishlist. Reading this and looking out at the rain has totally inspired me to continue this theme on my own blog. Thanks and I hope you keep dry in your rain boots 🙂

  8. I’m so glad I read this entry, Shannon, as I immediately went to Zappos and found the perfect red pair of Hunter Huntress glossies. They just arrived and I’m so happy that the slightly wider calf fits me perfectly. As I’m writing this, it’s raining buckets outside but those boots kept my feet perfectly dry when I wore them today. They are the pefect marriage of stylish and practical and truly worth the money. Thanks for this great entry – I really enjoy reading your blog every day for its inspiration and wonderful ideas. Happy spring!

    Sophie W.

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