A Simple Decor Idea: Shape & Color

Apr 09, 2013

One of the lessons that I have learned as I have tried my hand at many different decor adventures in my home and previous homes is that when you have larger items, you need fewer items in any given space. While keeping things in proportion is always important, I try to buy the largest item that I am looking for that fits within my budget.

A simple way to change up the decor in any room is to add flowers, but that also means you need a vase. Now, while any vase may work, the type of vase you choose can make all of the difference. Choose a vase that makes its own statement due to its shape, color or size. When I happened upon this vase from Target’s new Threshold collection I was intrigued. Their large blue square vase fit what I was looking for beautifully – statement making with a touch of modern simplicity.

Not someone that gravitates towards lots of color, I love how the vase makes a statement without being overwhelming or intrusive. I chose to place daffodils inside as it is spring, but I think a single white hydrangea bloom would be a fantastic choice that would allow the blue of the vase to pop with even more volume.

P.S. Like the white comforter set? It’s also from Target’s Threshold collection and comes in a variety of colors – click here to learn more.

~While the four part simple, home decor series has wrapped up, click on the following links to see the three previous parts in this new series.

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~In the interest of full disclosure, Target via Style Coalition reached out to me to choose items from their Threshold collection and style them in my home. While we did work together, the items in this series were all hand-selected by me and the opinions expressed are my own. It is sponsors like Target that allow me to continue to write and share ways to create a simply luxurious life.


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