Why Not . . . Wear a Leather Jacket?
Wednesday October 2, 2013

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Paris fashion week is wrapping up, and I couldn’t help but notice how the Parisians and international fashionistas that flocked to the city all seem to speak the same language when it comes to style. While they all dressed in their signature sartorial ensembles (as you will see below), one item kept been chosen by more than just a handful of people – the leather jacket.

Fall is a wonderful time to pull out a leather jacket. Once you find the perfect style that works well with your lifestyle and physique, you will have a go-to item for years to come and choose it confidently knowing it looks chic each year.

If you don’t already have your own leather jacket, consider saving up and investing in a foundational item you won’t regret purchasing. Here are few reasons to consider this new addition:

1. Versatile

Fonzy in Happy Days may have worn his black leather biker jacket with jeans and a white t-shirt, but there are many other options when it comes to pairing. Wear with skirts, over dresses, and don’t hesitate to wear it during the day on into the night. Layer over a silk blouse with dark denim skinnies and simple ballet flats, finally accessorizing with a beautiful scarf. The best items to include in your closet are items that can be paired endlessly and all ways look chic, which is exactly what a leather jacket can do.

2. Timeless

Leather jackets have been en vogue for decades and will continue to be so. The key is to continue to update the items you pair it with and choose a jacket that is not trendy. Opt for a classic style in a neutral solid color (black, gray, brown, taupe or white), choose a neckline that is flattering and nothing with decals, fringe or unnecessary decoration. Keep it simple, purchase real leather and you will be happy with your investment.

3. Ideal for Travel

Choose a leather jacket to wear when traveling as it is less cumbersome, provides necessary warmth without being too hot and assures you will look stylish while en route and upon arrival no matter what you wear with it (okay, maybe not pajamas. Please don’t wear pajamas).

4. Gets Better with Time

By purchasing quality, you are purchasing an item that will last, and so long as you take proper care of your jacket (see how below), it will continue to be the jacket you fell in love with on the day it was purchased.

Caring For Your Leather Jacket:

  • read label for care instructions
  • hang on a hanger that is wide and padded
  • make sure it always stays dry
  • protect outside of your jacket with a waterproof sealant spray
  • have professionally dry-cleaned every year or every other year depending upon use.

5. Any Age

Whether you are a teenager or a woman of a certain age, so long as you choose the correct fit and a classic cut and color that flatters your body, wearing a leather jacket will always look fresh and chic. While younger women can incorporate a few more trendy items, the jacket should remain classic and timeless. And if you’re like me, choosing to stay away from trends, a simple white button-up top paired with a beautifully tailored pair of jeans never goes out of style.

While it may be intimidating to pay at least a couple hundred dollars for a leather jacket, so long as you do your homework, you will not regret adding this essential item to your wardrobe. In a pinch the leather jacket never disappoints and seems to complete even the simplest of looks (a la Kate Moss below).

~I know that animal products can be controversial, and understandably so. If you are looking for a quality faux leather jacket, there many worthwhile options. Here are just a few: Oxford Trunk vegan leather jacket, Top Shop faux leather biker jacket, Top Shop mixed quilted black bomber jacket, and Express (minus the) leather moto jacket.




6 thoughts on “Why Not . . . Wear a Leather Jacket?

  1. I love my leather jacket, bought on sale last Autumn. Goes with almost everything and its a great Seasonal transitional piece.

  2. I just bought a cognac leather jacket this past summer and absolutely love it. For anyone who finds the price tag a bit intimidating, I found mine at an outlet during the summer months for a great deal.

  3. Love leather jackets. Wouldn’t be without mu Lewis Leather lightning jacket. Expensive but worth every penny. The style has been around since the 60’s. Yes it is controversial in some quarters to wear leather but it will last for years. I have not found any of the substitutes for “leather” to be as pleasing to wear They appear “cheap” Mine is a black leather biker and black is the only colour to have as it is most versatile for any wardrobe. Wear mine at all occasions.

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