Why Not . . . Uncomplicate Your Life?
Wednesday July 4, 2012

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There are  many wonderful posts on how to uncomplicate your life (here and here are two of my favorites), so as those of you in the states celebrate America’s independence day, I decided to create a list of ways to uncomplicate your life that bring more freedom into each of our lives.

I specifically wanted to focus on instances that have been on my mind as of late for a myriad of reasons. Yesterday I came across a blog post that kick-started the idea that there is so much we have control over but instead allow to have control over us.

Women especially have more of a tendency (I speak with ignorance of men’s experience because my experience has only been from the female perspective – please forgive me) to unconsciously hand over certain freedoms, seemingly simple freedoms, that when brought back under their control can help create an amazing life of fulfillment and enjoyment. With that said and with the idea of true freedom on our minds, let’s gather up all of our courage today and strive to create a life of freedom that leads to a more fulfilling existence.

Here are seven things that we can do to continue to make our lives simple, yet full of more substance that causes us to pause in wonderment at how much control we actually have and reclaim that which we have unconsciously tossed away.

1. Eat for Pleasure, Not Appeasement. Slow down, savor the food that you choose to eat, eat well, but eat in moderation. Don’t eat to bide your time, calm emotional stress, but instead to fuel your body and bring pleasure to your taste buds.

2. Be Your Biggest Cheerleader. Get out of your own way, free yourself from negative self-doubt and worry and notice how much brighter your future and especially each moment in your present becomes.

3. Respect How You Feel. Often we spend time with people who refuse to listen, or accept, how we feel.  Whether they sincerely don’t understand or don’t want to believe what you have to say, your feelings deserve validation, and if those around you don’t respect your feelings, step back from spending as much time with them. On that same note, when you are feeling something that you don’t understand, take the time to understand why, give it the necessary attention and then move forward – making necessary changes to your environment of your attitude.

4. Free Yourself from Technology Our world makes it easier and easier to be connected all of the time. I can readily recall the “pings” of my iPad in the middle of the night when I forget to turn it off before going to bed. Decide to control how you incorporate technology into your life – check your email at set points during the day, turn off your phone when you sit down for a meal – by yourself or with others, and don’t be distracted by the many links that can easily waste hours of time when you sit down at the computer.

5. Keep it Simple. The over-arching theme of The Simply Luxurious Life is that it isn’t how much of anything we acquire that makes life richer, it is the quality of the items, people, and moments we welcome into our lives. Rid yourself of the unnecessary so that the pleasure of what you love can be truly savored.

6. Respect Your Body. How you treat your body is a reflection of how you feel about yourself.  Choose to be active in a way that is comfortable yet consistent so that you can enjoy all that life presents. Choose to engage with others only in ways that make you feel comfortable and never feel guilty for saying “no”. No one has a say over what to do with your body without your consent, so make sure to not give it without conscious consideration and forethought.

7. Unleash Your Weapon of Fashion. Many critics argue that fashion and outer appearance should not be a paid so much attention. That in fact fashion in general is a superficial hobby. As you would imagine, I wholeheartedly disagree. For women especially, but men to, how we adorn ourselves speaks to our inner self-confidence and speaks to our respect for ourselves without saying one verbal statement. Choose to speak in such a way that is uniquely your own – wear those heels even though your office mates may snicker. Wrap a fabulous statement belt around your waist even though none of your friends would have taken the risk. Be who you are and introduce yourself to the world with exuberance. Have fun with fashion, as it is a tool that is often underutilized.

We all have our own demons, behaviors that get in our way, causing us to doubt that the path we’ve chosen should be traversed.  Above are seven that I have found to stand in my way at one time or another. So in a way, I have therapeutically opened up to you. With that said, thank you for listening. However, I have a feeling that I am not alone.

Always remember, keep in your grasp those things that you have full control over – your mind, your choices and your behavior. You create the destiny, the life and the amazement of what could be your full potential in the palm of your hands. Now get busy believing that those supposed “far-fetched” are indeed yours if you’re willing to chase them down.

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4 thoughts on “Why Not . . . Uncomplicate Your Life?

  1. I have to admit that i am one of those people who complicate their lives; and i am constantly distracted by technology including the alerts from my phone in the middle of the night.

    This 7-pointer is really useful, i need to push myself to actually do it because some of the things you mentioned, i am already aware of but struggle to actually implement it

    xo Stephanie

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