Why Not . . . Sow Your Own Seeds? 12 Simple Steps for Success

Apr 02, 2020

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15 thoughts on “Why Not . . . Sow Your Own Seeds? 12 Simple Steps for Success

  1. I love growing my herbs, but have never felt brave enough to try again from seed after I got it all wrong one time years ago–all leggy and very poorly planned as far as planting dates etc. I’ve all ready got some transplants going, but you have inspired me to give the seed packets a go again. And we all have some time on our hands now, eh, so why not? Thankfully, we have quite a long growing season here, so starting seeds now should be all right. And I think I must get the Monty Don book. Isn’t he lovely?

  2. I needed this inspiration today, Shannon. Thank you!

    Rain is pouring down but I have a seed delivery coming today. Herbs and salad greens are my things to grow from seeds as I cook as much as I can outside in the warmer months. I am currently trying out microgreens but have to do this in my kitchen window with some plant lights here in the Norwegian climate. Have you ever tried microgreens? They are so nutritious and delicate in salads and on soups and sandwiches so I hope it will be a successful project.

    Wishing you many hours of joyful gardening in the upcoming months!

  3. Do you know about Margaret Roach and A Way to Garden? Her website and podcast (and newly released and updated book) are all excellent resources!

  4. There are flower seedlings in my basement windowsills, and Monty’s April post inspired me to try lettuce in pots again. Lettuce is hard to get with grocery delivery. I ordered two packets of seeds yesterday, and will try to prepare the pots this weekend. I am loving being able to watch Gardeners World for the first time!!

    Do you know what the difference is between his books Down to Earth and The Complete Gardener? I would like to get one but I’m not sure how much they overlap. Your posts and GW have been such a bright spot in my days at home! Can’t wait til it’s a little warmer to go outside and restore my flower garden from the winter. 🙂

    1. Debby, Thank you for sharing. I don’t have an answer to the difference between the books. Perhaps a fellow reader can share. I absolutely love Down to Earth, as I appreciate the month by month approach to what to do in the garden. It sounds like, based on reading A Complete Gardener’s synopsis, that would be a good book to start with and then follow up with Down to Earth. In fact, I may have to check out A Complete Gardener from the library to fill in some gaps. 🙂 And isn’t A Gardener’s World wonderful?! I too so enjoy the show, and am learning so much! Wishing you happy growing with your lettuce. Thank you for stopping by Debby.

  5. Thank you so much for the inspiration Shannon! I’ve been wanting (but hesitant) to start a French potager in our tiny backyard. It’s half sun and lots of shade, so I’ve been hesitant. But I purchased “Grow Fruits and Vegetables in Pots” from one of your previous blog recommendations, and now this post inspires me to maybe just start small with the herb garden. 🙂

    1. Allison, So happy to hear you are going to give having a potager a try! Putting them in pots will work wonderfully, and then you can put them in the sun as much as they need. Have fun!

  6. Wow Shannon your seedlings are doing great. There is so much joy nursing the seeds and watch them germinate and then the harvest . So much more economical than buying the seedlings from the garden centre. There is something so satisfying to eat something you’ve grown from seed. You have a better chance of healthier plants from the seeds as the ga5den centres propagate so many sometimes quality is not consistent for all. If some of your seedlings do not mature don’t worry even experienced gardeners like myself hit bad luck sometimes. It’s a learning curve of trial and error. Something that will happily grow one year might not the next. Here in France we grow flowers amongst our vegetables. Sow some marigolds and nasturtiums amongst your vegetables. Help to keep the pests away and ate edible.You’re in for a long adventure. Have fun.?

    1. Thank you Kameela for all of your words of advise and experience. I am trying to ring some marigolds into the garden this year and nasturtiums are next in my list. Channeling my inner Monet the gardener with those. 🙂

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