Why Not . . . Pamper Yourself?
Wednesday May 5, 2010

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Rewards tend to be one of the best ways to pat ourselves on the back without tooting our own horn on a job well done.  No one needs to know why we are pampering ourselves, maybe it’s simply because we made it through the holidays without having one confrontation with any of our relatives, and isn’t everyone kind of expecting us to do this anyway?  No matter how small the victory, a necessity I believe we should always include in our day-to-day lives is a moment, an afternoon, a day, a weekend or maybe even a week, of pampering.

If you are a planner, planning a reward at the end of your week or your busy season at work, will be something to set your sites on while you are toiling away.  Often times the anticipation of a luxurious evening of pampering is just as uplifting as the pampering itself . . . well, almost.

For example, I was well aware that this past April was going to be a month without a moment to pop my head up above water in order to have some time to myself.  Mind you, I was busy most of the time being involved in some of my favorite social gatherings, but none-the-less, no down time.  I crave my down time; it is like water to me, my necessary sustenance, and my best friends and family are well aware of this.   Being the planner that I am, back in February, I scheduled my seasonal facial to fall during the week after things had finally ceased to be as demanding.  I cannot tell you how many times, I have thought of this hour of serenity and quiet.  It has kept me zen during some stressful times.

While some of you may already know exactly how you want to pamper yourself, let me share with you a handful of ways to consider on your quest to take some time for yourself.  I’ll start with rewards for the simple victory of making it through the week and work my way up to – “just passed the bar exam”, or “finished my first grueling, yet rewarding year as a professional in my field”.

Update Your Reading List
During the beginning of my career, I became quite the regular at my public library.  After all, I wanted to read the ubiquitous new titles that were being released and a slew of the magazines as well, but my budget just wouldn’t allow it, so to the library I went. I try to always keep this time of my life in mind when I’m purchasing a couple of the most recent hardback titles at Amazon or in my local bookstore.  In being continually reflective on this time of my life, I find myself feeling as though it is a bit of a reward to purchase a new book without having to finish reading it in a certain amount of time. While this may seem a bit of a minor reward, consider treating yourself to your favorite item on the bookshelves or a handful of magazines that allow you to dream and be inspired.
For so many women, a pedicure is a necessity, and while I wholeheartedly agree, sometimes providing your own pedicure has to make do during those times when you just can’t fit a professional pedi in.  So for a bit of a pampering, reserve an hour at the end of a long work day and head on down to your favorite salon to soak your piggies while someone else does the work.


As I have mentioned before, planning a bit of a motivator to make it through the week, month or season, depending on your situation, is a helpful way to add something uplifting or positive in your mind to focus on while you are making it through your many obligations at work.  This past year, I was finally able to take myself up on a promise I made more than five or so years ago, to have regularly scheduled seasonal facials.  I can’t tell you enough, how I treasure this quiet time to let someone else pamper me.
Instead of just letting your face have the TLC you crave, why not allow your entire body in on the pampering.  A massage at the end of a busy month would be a fantastic way to bring closure to each of the twelve calendar pages.  Whether you are taxed and physically needing one or not, this treat is a time to bring calm to not only your sinewy body, but your overworked mind.
Retail Shopping
Who wouldn’t love some retail therapy?  Can’t find the time to stop by your favorite boutique?  Why not do a little perusing on the internet?  Or better yet, go ahead and purchase those pair of Tory Burch Miller Thongs you’ve had your eye on for the summer months.  Allowing yourself to buy just one item when you usually don’t purchase any, or a handful, if you usually purchase one, will most definitely serve as a treat. If you hurry, Shop Bop is having a 15% off sale that ends after today (May 5th).  Simply enter the code INTHEFAMILY15‏, and you’ve not only purchased an item you’ve had your eye on, but you’ve found yourself a bargain!
Hire a Stylist

Okay, here is the biggie.  The one you’ve earned through months or may a handful of years of hard work, blood, sweat and tears.  Why not hire yourself a stylist to help put together a wardrobe for the next upcoming season? While Rachel Zoe mostly likely wouldn’t be in most people’s budgets, there are many stylists in your area that can do a wonderful job.  Inspire Style, for example, is a style coaching business located in Portland, Oregon, Minnesota and Washington, that strives to help you find your very own personal style, and even specializes according to your career, if you’d like.  You may schedule a closet review, style profile, partner shopping, make-up lesson, hair session – anything that will better create the outer image you desire.  I learned about Jandi Chanel Girard, the founder, last year in The Oregonian, and she has since expanded her business dramatically.  I, personally, can’t wait to schedule an appointment!

All right, so you’ve seen my list.  Out of curiosity, what would be some other ways you might want to pamper yourself?  I’m all ears!  One can never have enough ideas for pampering in their arsenal. Have a lovely Wednesday and hopefully some time to plan your next bit of pampering.

6 thoughts on “Why Not . . . Pamper Yourself?

  1. These are great ideas! I’m definitely a fan of the book idea (that was what my last post was about actually… my insane love of reading!), the shopping… ok, fine all of them!

    Also – I agree – awesome picture (because I took would much rather buy/store/wear shoes than groceries!)

  2. I just discovered your blog two days ago and am absolutely in love! Your blog has such a clean layout, ease, and relaxation about it. Thank you for doing such a great job! It makes a difference! I am now inspired to start my own, although a very busy woman at the moment I would love join in on the fun!

  3. Time for a pedicure or massage is my favorite reward. Thanks for the reminder that we should schedule these things in. Whenever I do have one I always think “I should do this more often”.

  4. I agree with you – I also need time for myself! But I gotta add to the list my all times favorite rewarding experience: MEDITATION! Just giving me the luxury of the time to enjoy myself and BE with myself for 30 min or hour… it is SO relaxing but powerful you know?

    ps: it never occur to me that hiring a stylist would be in my budget, i will check it out!

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