Why Not . . . Live a Long, Healthy Life? Part Trois
Wednesday May 22, 2013

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As we strive to be as healthy as we can be, there may be some necessary tasks that we tend to that we don’t necessarily look forward to partaking in (doctor exams, cleaning the home, etc), but I would argue that such tasks are few compared to the quite enjoyable ones I would like to share today.

Once we find peace with the path we’ve chosen to live, the tranquility we welcome into our lives is priceless. And as we live to enjoy each and every day no matter how simple or routine it may seem, by incorporating the last five tips into our approach, our purpose driven lives become more joyful and fulfilling than we might have ever imagined.

11. Manage Stress Effectively

In order to live a life of continual growth, we must always choose to challenge ourselves. And it is in choosing to challenge ourselves that we welcome the opportunity for growth. However, along with the growth comes frustration, thus stress. Since we already know that stress will occur occasionally, we must have a plan to deal with it constructively so that it doesn’t become debilitating.

For example, schedule regular “me time” in which you respect your need to be alone or do as you please – even if it is for thirty minutes. Schedule a monthly or seasonal spa treatment such as a facial, massage or pedicure. When you carve out time to be pampered, you demand of yourself to slow down and not jump to the next responsibility on your list. In these moments allow yourself to breath, turn your mind off and let go of your worries for the moment.

12. Show Gratitude

Take the time each day to write in your journal about what went well. Remaining conscious of all that is going as expected even on days when it seems nothings is progressing as it should, sheds a bit of perspective on what should and shouldn’t be made into such a big deal.

13. Befriend Multiple Generations

I have always been curious to learn from those who are older than me. Whether it is to learn from their mistakes or to soak up their knowledge, generations that came before us can offer a wealth of information and provide us with even more reason to be appreciative. The same too can be said for the generations that have followed us. My students’ insights and observations regularly enlighten me on new ideas as well as help me appreciate how far I have come.

14. Be a life long learner

Continue to read, explore and learn new skills. It will keep your mind agile and help stave off dementia. While it can be tempting to continue in the same safe routine, our mind’s muscles will slowly atrophy if this path is chosen, and to waste something that is so utterly amazing in all that it can do would be shame. As much as we should keep our bodies agile, we should too keep our minds just as nimble.

15. Get to know and trust yourself

Getting to know ourselves is a continual process because we too are continually growing and improving if we proceed through life correctly. And it is when we become in tune with what makes us smile spontaneously, feel absolutely comfortable and secure, as well as feel confident and self-assured that we can respect ourselves enough to say no to what doesn’t mesh with our values, put down boundaries to ensure those who don’t respect us can choose another victim and ultimately open ourselves up to take a chance on genuine connections with others worthy of our trust.

Since life is wonderfully unpredictable, why not put the odds in our favor so that the time we do have is most enjoyable and very memorable for ourselves and those we’ve chosen to spend our time with. Cheers to an amazing simply luxurious life!

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2 thoughts on “Why Not . . . Live a Long, Healthy Life? Part Trois

  1. One of your best! Love all these suggestions… especially gratitude and befriending some from all generations. Such wonderful suggestions that we all need a prompt reminder to keep on our minds.

  2. Lovely and timely post Shannon. I needed these reminders right now. I am looking forward to the long weekend ahead, it actually caught me off guard so it will be a nice surprise. I just hope the sun is around, I think the sun makes everything just a little bit better.

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