Why Not . . . Live a Healthy Long Life?
Wednesday May 8, 2013

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It happened one New Years that I found myself on the Oregon Coast. While on this particular leisurely vacation, my schedule was wide open, and I had time to think, dream and set goals. While perusing through a local bookstore, I came across a book that still sits in my office and is referred to periodically for inspiration and motivation on how to live a higher quality of life.

The 100 Year Lifestyle by Dr. Eric Plasker offers simple, yet insightful ideas to alter the duration and quality of our life in more ways than we might have imagined. He reveals through research the effect simple changes of thoughts, habits and physical activity can have on our individual life expectancy regardless of our genetic make-up. And while it is agreed that there are some health components we have absolutely no control over, what is empowering is to know how much we actually do have control of and often forget about as we go through our days.

Because while it may seem at times that our lives are long, it is when we realize how truly delicate it is that we want to make the most of the days we have and leave a legacy that allows us to tap into our talents, pursue our passions and live the world a bit better than when we found it.

Today begins a new three part series of ways found and also inspired by the book to help you curate a longer life of quality and enjoyment. Let’s get started.

1. Continue to challenge yourself – continue to learn new skills to keep your mind as nimble as possible. Studies have shown that regular mental exercises can help prevent or ward off dementia in old age. Click here for simple ways to challenge yourself no matter what your age.

2. Find and bolster energy enhancers – take a moment to make a list of activities that build your energy, begin to cultivate new creativity and ideas and upon completion leave you ready to take on whatever the rest of the day holds.  Perhaps eating a well-balanced meal to begin your day, a certain type of exercise, or getting eight hours of sleep consistently puts you in a better mood and elevates your ability to perform at your best. Whatever you put on your list, sit down and plan how you can regularly incorporate these activities into your daily routine.

3. Think progress, not perfection – Instead of hanging your head after failing to meet the criteria for a perfect outcome, choose instead to focus on the progress that was made during the process. With each small step of improvement, knowledge is gained and confidence is built, helping to bring the goal ever closer. And more importantly, but choosing to focus on the progress that is being made rather than accomplishing perfection, you reduce your stress and bolster your confidence and self-esteem which is fuel to continue toward your intended target.

4. Stop wasting money – stress has been shown to play a factor in increased health problems as the release of cortisol puts the body into adrenaline mode which, in excess, can put unwarranted strain on the body, slowly disabilities it’s ability to heal itself. And when finances are in order and you are living paycheck to paycheck, stress increases. Click here for view an entire list of money posts that can help you organize your finances and successfully get control of a very powerful tool.

5. Work to feel productive – surprisingly enough, that dream job that sits in the back of our minds offering us minimal, if any stress, actually doesn’t help us live longer if we aren’t regularly doing something productive. By choosing to work in a field that challenges us, sometimes frustrates us, but ultimately allows us to feel accomplished and productive at the end of the day, we challenge our minds and feed our need to feel of value.

The gift we each have is to curate a life that is uniquely our own, truly fulfilling and one that allows us to offer to the world the gifts only we possess. However, it is our responsibility to take advantage of what we have control of to ensure that we live our best life.

Click here to read Part Two for more simple tips about living a long and healthy life.


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