Why Not . . . Have Self-Discipline? 5 Benefits
Wednesday August 25, 2010

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One of the most sure-fire elements in creating a life of one’s dreams is to acquire self-discipline.  Initially, self-discipline sounds like something a drill sergeant might bark on endlessly about and who wants anything that is expressed through shrills and yelling? But there is quite the gold mine to be discovered when you are able to incorporate self-discipline into your daily life. Here are a few of the most rewarding aspects of attaining self-discipline.


Those healthy eating habits you’ve been wanting to adhere to, that exercise regimen that you vowed you’d stick to – self-discipline will keep you on the right track so that eventually you will be able to see the benefit of your sacrifice. Being disciplined is a matter of the mind being able to see behind the now and into the what-will-be-if . . .

Avoid Impulse Decisions

Practicing the act of discipline day in and day out is similar to that of exercising a particular muscle or perfecting a specific technique (such as a backhand in tennis).  The more you work it, the more reps you complete,  the easier it becomes to use it and the more ingrained it becomes in the mind to perform it. Therefore, if you continually force yourself to wait 24 hours before making any major decisions, it will eventually become a habit and you will ultimately make the decisions that involve rationality, not emotions.

Watch Less TV

By definition, a person who is self-disciplined is able to see beyond the tip of their nose and realize that their actions now have benefits, or consequences later.  Consequently, a person who is able to look to the future is also someone who sets goals.  And when you have set goals for yourself, you want to achieve them, thus you’re spending less time wasting time because you want to accomplish what you’ve set out to do.

Acquire a New Skill

As was stated above, practice and exercise of a particular movement or action helps it to become a habit. So if you desire to improve your golf swing, or learn a new language, being determined to be successful no matter how many frustrating attempts you might have, will eventually result in you being able to confidently say, “Parlez vous français?” followed by a lengthy conversation in fluent French (assuming it isn’t your native language).

Leads to Self-Confidence

You may have been noticing that the four benefits mentioned above all will subsequently result in your self-confidence being elevated because you’ve shown yourself that with hard work (with self-discipline) you can be successful.  You don’t have to have had the luxury of traveling to France in youth to master the language now if that is indeed what you wish.  You don’t have to have Jessica Biel’s genes to be healthy – it all begins with a desire followed by a lot of hard work.

Always keep in mind that most things in life worth having aren’t going to be things you’re going to be able to go and pluck off the shelf.  You’re going to have to put in sweat and tears and you’re going to be tested, but as long as you truly want it and are willing to work, you’ll achieve it. Believe in yourself.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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16 thoughts on “Why Not . . . Have Self-Discipline? 5 Benefits

  1. What can I say?!-)*Just BRAVO!!!
    I read it and I would love directly to do it,realy good post!:-)*

    ”Consequently, a person who is able to look to the future is also someone who sets goals”

    That’s beyond good and THANK YOU many times for share these ”self-discipline” ideas!!!

    Wish you pretty last summer days,

  2. This post is pretty amazing. There’s such a loveliness to your writing, but you are very direct. It’s so relatable and honest. I’m feeling good now that I’ve gotten my daily dose of inspiration. Your blog is the first one I check everyday.

  3. Geez… this is what I have been momentarily lacking… I have seemed to misplace my discipline when it comes to exercise and sweets.. thanks for the kick in the butt… I am tired of not feeling 100% and it’s my own fault. xo

  4. What a beautiful blog. I have always found self-discipline difficult. I doesn’t suit me! But I do want to get things done and make a difference. So I work on finding my passion and forming intentions. This works better for me, letting me achieve what I want without ‘disciplining’ myself.

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