Why Not . . .? Favorites

Dec 29, 2010

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The weekly Why Not . . .? series here on The Simply Luxurious Life every Wednesday is a series that I have truly come to enjoy and find myself perpetually thinking about throughout the week. After having written the series for a handful of months, it came to my attention that former Vogue editor Diane Vreeland became well-known for her Why Don’t You? column in Harper’s Bazaar, and I had to smile. But when it comes right down to it, we regret those things we never try, so whenever you come to a fork in a road, ask yourself, why not?

Below are four of the most popular three part series of Why Not . . .? as well as one singleton that received great reviews. (Simply click on the header to be taken to the entire series.)


Why Not . . . Have Effortless Style?

Why Not . . . Discover Your Purpose?


Why Not . . . Be A Modern Lady?


Why Not . . . Simplify Your Life?


Why Not . . . Get To Know Yourself?

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