Why Not . . . Create Your Own Signature Style? Part Trois
Wednesday January 19, 2011

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Rebecca Moses author of A Life of Style describes how each of us has the potential to turn our lives into a style collage.  After all, our style doesn’t end with what we wear; it blends into how we live and what we come home to every night as well.

Being conscious of how we live and doing so confidently is an expression of who we are on the inside as much as what we project to the world. In order to truly have a signature style, a strong sense of individuality must be paired with a healthy self-confidence.

Discovering what your signature style is is often the most difficult part, so be sure to check out part two of the series where six tips are shared to help discover exactly what stirs your inner passions.  Once you know what causes you to feel giddy, what instigates an unconscious smile or what you could spend hours doing without every looking at the time, the fun part begins, which is how do you want to express yourself to the world?

Such an expression can be revealed in as many ways as there are people on this earth and can be demonstrated in all avenues of a person’s life – fashion, home decor, speech, movement, and behavior.

So I’ve tried to share some examples today of how you might what to incorporate your very own signature style into your every day life. The key is to embody a style that is true to who you are, what you believe and penetrates beyond the surface.

The difference between a true style icon like Sophia Loren or Audrey Hepburn and one of the millions of beautiful women in the world is that Sophia and Audrey have left an impression. An impression that goes beyond their appearance and encompasses how they choose/chose to carry themselves, how they treated others and how they contributed to the community around them.

Let’s get started to discover exactly what your signature style might look like.

Body Language

First impressions are a very funny thing.  The trick is to accept that they exist and embrace them and more importantly, understand what you want your first impression to be of whomever you meet on any given day. Stand up tall, walk confidently, but femininely, sit like a lady, keep your stomach in and be aware of your body, face each person you are speaking to, extend a welcoming hand or kiss on the cheek, be warm, but be aware of your personal space bubble, set your boundaries (everyone’s will be different), refrain from tugging at your clothing in public or touching your hair or face too often (hints at insecurity), and when you smile, do so with sincerity.


Choose a scent, one that you love, one that is of good quality and remain loyal. Or choose one for day and one for evening. Or one for summer and one for the chillier months. But whatever scent you choose, make it your own and wear it every day.


Mireille Guiliano shares that her signature style would be described as always looking pulled together with the help of two key accessories: scarves and necklaces. But for someone else, it may be beautiful earrings and fantastic heels. Take Ines de Fressange, she always looks pulled together, but her footwear of choice is predominately a pair of flats. Whatever you gravitate towards, keep Guiliano’s four universal basics in mind when considering your wardrobe: (1) Dress smexy (never so too much, always keep a little mystery), (2) Invest in “good staples” – quality over quantity, (3)  No one has  perfect body, so accent the positive and camouflage the rest, and (4) Learn to stay within the personal boundaries of your style


One piece of my signature style is something that is recognizable by past and present students, family members and friends, and in one instance my boss knowing I was in the same restaurant as he was simply because he heard my laugh from across the room. Those every day idiosyncrasies that we do many times subconsciously are very often what others observe and associate with our identity, so what mannerisms do you share with the world on a daily basis? Is it your laugh, is it your eye contact, your ability to truly engage in conversation with the person who is speaking to you no matter what is going on around you, or your curiosity to get to know those around you instead of speaking about yourself? Such mannerisms can say so much.

Unique Decor

Modern, traditional and everything in between. How you choose to adorn your home’s interior is a process that is forever evolving, but as each of us continues to learn more about ourselves and evolve into our best selves, so does our idea of what decor within our home is the most inviting. While we can’t change our bone structure, we can rearrange our furniture, add wallpaper to our walls or tear it down and paint them. The home has a plethora of possibilities for each person to express their signature style and that is what makes it so exciting.

Make Your Mark

A woman’s signature style is her ability to bring her passion to the world, to express just enough of herself with others and to not give a hoot about their opinion. This is self-confidence.  This is knowing and trusting yourself. Some women will make their mark with dramatic flair – Cher and Elizabeth Taylor come to mind, and others will do it subtly, but certainly – Grace Kelly and Anna Wintour.  However you decide to make your mark, be sure it is stylish and impressive woman who does it.
I hope you have enjoyed this series, as I enjoyed putting it together. Being a lover of beauty and inspiration, I can’t help but continually hone my own signature style and I enjoy hearing how you have come to discover yours, as I feel we have so many amazing teachers around us every day. If you would like, I would love to know what your signature style is. Here are a few of what I believe to be pieces of mine to help get the ball rolling:
*an attention getting “cackle” (as mentioned above)
*heels, heels and more heels
*tear-drop earrings
*French decor, or anything French
*incessant jazz music lover
*a dog at my side
*not a pushover
*all things fashion
*a love and appreciation for history

Okay, now, if you’d like, do share . . .

Also, as I am looking to begin a new Why Not . . .? series next week, if you have any suggestions or topics you would like me to tackle, let me know. I’m always looking for more ideas. Have a lovely Wednesday!

{Mireille Guiliano quotes come from her book Women, Work & the Art of Savoir Faire

20 thoughts on “Why Not . . . Create Your Own Signature Style? Part Trois

  1. I so enjoyed this post Shannon! Quite a few bits to remember and put into practise, so inspiring! I’m definitely a jewellery and flats girl!x

  2. What a well written post! So many of us tend to think only about clothing and accessories when it comes to personal style, when really there’s a lot more to the picture as you so eloquently put it in this post! I have been told that I’m easily recognized by the way I walk, other typical things would be large earrings and (almost) always wearing some kind of scarf:)

  3. What a fun post. My grandmother always said something very similiar and had very much her own special style, her own scent, her own “colors”,etc…..we all knew her by her one of a kind style. She always told me to choose one scent, a style of dressing, a style of talking, etc….so its interesting reading this. If I had to sum up my own it would be refined classiness with a pop of trend every now and then (when I say trend I am thinking something from JCrew nothing crazy)…..this gives me something to think about today, am going to go scent shopping…LOL

  4. Loved this series Shannon! Finding a signature style is something we all struggle with, especially when we’re constantly bombarded with media marketing and the latest trends and ‘it’ styles. the good news is getting older helps with finding that style, as I think age gives one the perspective to rise above trends and do what you know suits you best. For me, my style has evolved from a combination of comfort, preferences, and necessity: lots of purple, impeccable skin, brightly colored toenails, scarves with everything, drop earrings, and statement eye glasses.

  5. Adored this series!!! For me, personal style has become striped t’s, skinny jeans, ballet flats, and always – lots of sparkly jewelry. xoxo Grace

  6. I literally just got my copy of “A Life of Style” last night. I ordered it, largely because of how inspriring your blog is.

    Thanks for all of your lovely and gorgeous work.
    Bacio bacio-danielle

  7. Love this series!

    Mine would have to be:

    *a warm recognizable voice/laugh (have had many people say OMG I knew it was you, I recognize your warm laughter everywhere)

    *always smile

    * Thierry Mugler Angel

    *An avid music enthusiast

    *Always have a book or fashion magazine in my hand.

    Im sure there is more…that is what comes to mind now. HAve a great weekend!

  8. I do so much enjoy all your posts, they are a positive view on how to be a woman, the tone you employ is serene and cinfident; you cannot imagine how good it is !
    thank you !

    fidji from irresistibleparis.blogspot.com

  9. I immensely enjoyed reading this three part series. Cultivating and nurturing my signature style has been my passion for quite some time now, so far the few things I have nailed down are….

    colour and more colour….warm jewel tones that remind us of the vibrant exotic cultures.

    fine things…..a sophisticated and minimalistic grandeur…essentially what a quality over quantity mantra should be able to achieve.

    Look forward to many more posts from you and hope we can stay in touch.


    Tashrin – A Toronto based personal style blog

  10. This post not only inspired me to continue developing my signature style but also encouraged me to look over my habits and preferences over the years and discover that it has already been revealing itself.

    Some things that make me me:
    Always wear earrings
    Love pearls
    Only wear fine jewelry, never costume
    Prefer low heels and athletic shoes
    Prefer dresses
    Good posture
    Constant eye contact
    Engaging conversationalist, can talk to anyone
    Usually singing, humming, or whistling
    Wear minimal makeup, eyes only and natural colors
    Hair is always “fixed” some way, never just loose
    Natural hair-I use no dye or coloring or heat styling
    Rigorous skin care regime
    Water and tea drinker
    Daily resistance exercise
    Dress according to my color analysis (soft summer)
    Painted natural nails, never fake nails
    Sunglasses every time it’s sunny
    No synthetic fabrics
    Write formally, even in emails and on social media
    Avoid speaking in slang and cliches and use a wide vocabulary

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