Why Not . . . Buy Yourself Luxurious Lingerie?
Wednesday June 20, 2012

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As a teenage girl growing up in America, I must say the message I received regarding lingerie was much more focused on wearing it for enjoyment of others rather than choosing to wear it for one’s own pleasure and enjoyment. However, after reading Jamie Cat Callan’s book Bonjour, Happiness!, I began to have an entirely new perspective on why women should wear luxurious lingerie every day of the week specifically for themselves (a la the French approach) and not feel guilty about it.

Many readers have emailed me and with a recent post that caused even more interest in the idea of luxurious lingerie, I have come up with today’s post focused solely on reasons to wear lingerie every day, where to shop, how to shop, how to care for lingerie and other useful resources. Have a look:

~Why Wear Luxurious Lingerie?~

1. Feel Beautiful

First of, as I mentioned above, lingerie should be worn first and foremost for the women underneath the garments.  If along the way there are fabulous effects of you wearing it, all the better. When you choose to wear lingerie that is beautiful, fits properly and feels comfortable, you too begin to feel beautiful no matter where you daily routine takes you.

2. Help Your Wardrobe Shine

There is a long list of types of lingerie, and by choosing the right pieces, you help your clothing hang properly, revealing your beautiful figure as the lingerie does the job of smoothing, lifting and narrowing where needed.

3. Boost Your Confidence

When you feel beautiful, your confidence gets a boost. By choosing to wear lovely lingerie to work, to do errands, and for any other every day business, as well as out on dates and wherever your life takes you, you carry with you a quiet self-confidence that can’t be taken away.

4. Maintain Your Mystery

What I love about wearing luxurious lingerie every day is knowing something no one else knows. Jamie Cat Callan shares her secret confidence booster – wearing a red slip under her dresses whenever she is speaking or going about her day. Simply knowing you are wearing something that makes you feel and look good that no one knows about is part of that feminine mystique that is oh, so alluring to those around us.
5. Keep the Romance

When a woman feels confident, takes care of herself and loves her body, the confidence is carried into her personal life. Having a feminine side is something that is quite attractive and something that helps keep the romance alive no matter how long you’ve been with your partner.

6. Every Day, Not Just for Special Occasions

Again, I want to reiterate the importance of wearing quality lingerie every single day. Choose to care for yourself, revel in the body you’ve been given and treat it well. It will take time to build up your lingerie wardrobe. An idea might be to purchase a pair of bra and briefs every Valentine’s Day, birthday or half-birthday for yourself regardless of your relationship status.  Consider this a gift to yourself that is richly deserved. Remember when you choose to purchase quality lingerie and care for it properly it can last for quite some time. And always know that you are worth this splurge as you save up for your next purchase.

~What to Keep in Mind When Shopping for Lingerie:

1. Know your correct size – Bra sizings at department stores and boutiques are usually free, so if you aren’t sure if the size of bra you’re wearing fits properly, ask for them to help you determine your correct size. Here are some Signs That Your Bra Doesn’t Fit Well.

2. Choose the color wisely – Match bras and briefs. You will always want to have nudes and blacks on hand for every day clothing, but have fun with color too depending upon the mood or the energy you want to convey. Remember Jamie Cat Callan’s choice to wear a red skirt instead of a black? It changed her mood, it increased her confidence. Think about color as a way to boost your mood even further.

3. Style – Choose what works for you, flatters your figure and makes you feel beautiful. Take a look at the variety of Bra Types available.

4. Choose Quality over Quantity – As you begin to build your wardrobe, the only way to ensure pieces will last and always feel comfortable is to purchase quality lingerie. While they may look good in the photos, pay careful attention to the finish, edges and seams. Feel the item and see how it feels against your skin. I can say from experience that there is a tremendous difference between wearing Victoria’s Secret lingerie and quality French lingerie made of silk. The latter is certainly going to last and feel wonderful each time it is worn.

5. White Clothes – For some reason, this rule is forgotten by a few of us, but if you are wearing white blouses, t-shirts, jeans, skirts, dresses, etc, always make sure you have nude bras and briefs that match your skin tone to wear underneath for a flawless look.

~Websites, Brands and Shops~
~Jane’s Vanity~ located in Portland, Oregon, and shopping online as well
~Far West~ “Luxury Lingerie for Life”, specializes in slips, camisoles and loungewear
~Bra Smyth~ – located in New York City, Bra Smyth was one of the first lingerie stores to offer mastectomy bras and swimsuits.
~How to care for your lingerie?~
Once you have selected the perfect lingerie for your lifestyle and wardrobe, keep your investments in tip top condition by caring for them properly. Per Lingerie in Vogue: Guide to Lingerie Care, below is a simplified version of how to properly take care of your lingerie.

~Wash by Hand
~Use Cold Water
~Use Woolite
~Dry Flat

~Websites Dedicated to All Things Lingerie~

11 thoughts on “Why Not . . . Buy Yourself Luxurious Lingerie?

  1. I absolutely love this! Nothing gives me a power and confidence boost throughout my day than knowing that I have something sexy on underneath my work clothes!

  2. I love love LOVE reading your articles. This one is particularly fab because I’ve been trying to work out the perfect bra to undies ratio and 1:3 might be it!

  3. What a great post! Wonder what it says about Americans when it seems like everyone these days is wearing jeans and pullovers. Hope there’s more there than meets the eye!

  4. Perfect post! Love to read it again and again. Here you have given complete idea why this kind of clothes important in women life. Thanks for sharing it with us!

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