Why Not . . . Be A Successful Woman? Part Deux
Wednesday May 4, 2011

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There are many different qualities that contribute to success, but most of them have to do with self-discipline and being conscious with every decision you make.  It can be quite easy to allow what the media, society and the culture you live in dictate the rules of success, but ultimately it comes down to what you are passionate about, what you can’t seem to shake from your mind and what you can’t live without.

It is much easier to chase such a life if you have people around you who are like-minded and wish to push you forward, but so many times this is not the case. So as to help navigate difficult situations, here are a five more tips on how to help propel any woman, or person for that matter, toward success.  (And if you’d like to read Part One, click here to get caught up.)

Set Boundaries

One of the surest ways to build a sound foundation toward success is to let those you work with, love and care about know where your boundaries are. By first setting your boundaries, you learn very quickly who respects you enough to abide by them and also who wants to control you and thus who you should let go from your inner circle. By setting boundaries, you are showing respect for yourself, your values and your need to provide a stable environment in your own world that will allow you to remain strong, energized and able to pursue your goals.


Be A Breath of Fresh Air

While it could be very easy to never turn the news on or pick up a newspaper, I highly advise against it; however, in knowing that everything in our world isn’t all lollipops and rainbows, we are reminded of the romantic realist attitude that we need to add to our every day lives.  Always choose to see the glass as half full and be willing to provide a solution to fix problems instead of solely complaining (in fact, eliminate complaining altogether and just do something about it).  Cynicism is like an infection in one’s body, once hope is gone, the spirit begins to weaken.  In other words be the kindness, peace, compassion and beauty you would like to see in the world, and you might just be surprised by the influence you make on those you catch you in the act.


Find Someone to Look Up To

Not every woman growing up has been fortunate enough to have someone in their family who provided the example of a strong, independent, successful woman. Fear not though because by simply taking the time to do some reading and investigating you will discover a woman either living or deceased who sparks something within you as to the way she lived her life and how you too can follow, in your own way, in her footsteps. While I am continually discovering woman who inspire me to live my life on my terms, here are just a few who repeatedly remind me that life is precisely what we make it with our attitude, work ethic and determination: Alice Paul, Amelia Earhart, Diane Sawyer, Oprah, Beatrice Potter, Jane Austen, Audrey Hepburn, Sarah Jessica Parker, Coco Chanel, Lauren Hutton.


Eliminate Gossip

A simple way of distinguishing yourself from other people around you is to refuse to participate in gossip.  The world is full of thought provoking conversational topics dying to be discussed, and this is why it is even more important to read constantly, always choose to be learning and be a student of life staying abreast of the world’s current events.  Not only will you always have something to talk about, but you will reveal to others, whether they be a future employer or friend, that you want to contribute something positive and be an asset to the community and world around you.


Dress the Part

First impressions make a tremendous difference, so be sure to always look like a modern lady. Dress appropriately and pulled together.  If you choose to take yourself seriously, others will to.  Here are a few links to check out to help you create a look that is always stylish and true to who you are:

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*Why Not . . . Be A Modern Lady?


Click here for part three, where this series wraps up with five more tips on how to create the successful life you are working for.

11 thoughts on “Why Not . . . Be A Successful Woman? Part Deux

  1. Hi Shannon,
    Thanks for reminding me to set my boundaries here at work. I am still working on the eliminating the gossip in the office – it is a hard habit to break but I have learned to hold my tongue when I am told information I should not be hearing.

  2. I love these posts! This has probably been said a hundred times or more, but women really need to empower themselves and other women. Growing up in a female dominated family.. with many divorces this concept was embedded in me before I could actually intellectually understand it. Now being an adult it is all the more important.

    As always.. great blog!!


  3. Beautiful. Inspiring. Will help me on this gloomy day here in Southern Ontario. Awesome first photo with the movement!

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