Why Less is More
Monday January 14, 2013

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A stunning white Chanel gown accessorized with only simple diamond studs, choosing a timeless color for the rooms of your home making sure the paint is superb quality, tending to a few meaningful and time-tested friendships.

All three of these scenarios involve consciously choosing less rather than more and consequently bringing more value and beautiful memories and moments into your life.

A couple of incidents caused my mind to wander to this concept of less is more. Just as I was readying for bed last night I turned on the tail end of the Golden Globe awards to see Anne Hathaway on stage with the entire Les Miserable cast and crew after just learning they had won Best Picture for a Comedy or Musical. While her attire was only the exterior of her exuberant beauty, I couldn’t help but applaud Rachel Zoe’s stylistic choice of the white Chanel two piece gown and barely any other accessories.

Granted, Chanel is more than just a tad out of my reach when it comes to purchasing quality, but I do feel such an image teaches an invaluable lesson. When we choose to bring material items and more importantly people into our lives, it’s not about how many we can acquire, it’s about building something of quality.

As I was consumed with my kitchen facelift this weekend, it wasn’t until everything had been painted and only the necessary items were placed in the cupboards and everything else packed away for future garage sales that I realized it was worth the wait – fewer dishes, but better quality. Less clutter, more function. A cleaner palette creating less chaos of colors and more tranquility. The ability to find not only beauty in what I’m eating, but beauty in the preparation. (Now, that may just be me, but there is something quite pleasurable about presentation which helps me savor the food I prepare even more. Urging me to eat slower and appreciate the time and effort.)

There are so many ways we can welcome more quality and less quantity into our lives. Here are a few:

~Focus on the quality of friendships you have, not the number of friends you have accumulated on Facebook, etc.

~Choose one fabulous, quality piece of statement jewelry to accessorize your outfit.

~Pay attention to the fabric for furniture, clothing, etc, as well as the craftsmanship.

~Cook with food grown or raised locally that adhere to better standards of production. A more satisfied conscience and healthier eating.

~A small wardrobe of quality pieces – lasts much longer and is certain to look its best for more than just a season. (click here to learn how)

~Refuse to purchase something simply because it’s beautiful. If you don’t need it, if it doesn’t serve a purpose or you already have one just like it, appreciate it from a far, but don’t bring clutter into your life.

~Take on fewer responsibilities, but the ones you keep on your schedule, make sure to give 100% of your attention and effort.

The Simply Luxurious Life became my way of living long before the blog began. However, it wasn’t as though everything was streamlined and idyllic immediately. Creating a life of quality rather than quantity takes time, but gradually your conscious decision making evolves into a life of substance that you are proud to say you are purposely and continually creating.

Be discerning of the people, food, clothes, furniture, thoughts and anything else you bring into your life. More is simply more, and nothing becomes special when you say yes to everything.

Have a lovely Monday everyone.


13 thoughts on “Why Less is More

  1. My favorite line from this post ” More is simply more, and nothing becomes special when you say yes to everything.” You are spot on Shannon. As the new year came around I began a meaningful purge of unnecessary items in my house and life in general. Granted I am not done, I look at this as an ongoing process. In the end I do find it easier to say no because like you said, more is just more.

  2. This is such a wonderful post and you are absolutely spot on. I am a hoarder and when we moved house at the end of last year, I was astounded by how much ‘stuff’ I had accumulated – am now trying to adopt the less is more attitude and this post has very much inspired me to continue! x

  3. I agree with Beccy- it is a wonderful post- one I will reread when I need a pep talk about simplifying. I’ve been doing this for the past year. I’ve given away bundles, limited shopping and truly would love a simple home and life. But somehow clutter follows me. It’s hard to edit what you have; things sometimes just become part of the scenery. But you are right, it is an ongoing process. The only thing I can do is keep on trying.

  4. Such a well written & appropriately timed post! I have just returned from 2 separate trips lasting more than a month each. Living with the bare minimum for so long made coming back to so many things feel….foreign.

    It is my strongest desire at this point to have less things in my life, and the ones that I keep I must love deeply. This includes clothes, decor, music, makeup, the list goes on. I have been thinking about this concept for a long while, and have made steps in that right direction, but it has finally become a central theme that I want to fully embrace, and am on the way to doing so. And then today I visited your website and found this article…thank you for writing it, and so perfectly capturing what I am thinking!


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