What Surrounds You?

Mar 08, 2010

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“That which we elect to surround ourselves with
becomes the museum of our soul and the archive
of our experience.”
 -Thomas Jefferson
Whether it be the people we choose, the events we attend, the road we take, the media we listen to, the places we visit, how we spend our time, it gradually molds us, shapes us into a person we hopefully, consciously want to become.

Have a thought-provoking Monday, and a wonderful week.

6 thoughts on “What Surrounds You?

  1. I love this, absolutely beautiful. The quote is so incredibly true – I’ve always tried to surround myself with beauty, but I’m beginning to wonder whether it’s given me an inferiority complex? Constantly comparing myself to others I consider better than me…? Hmmm…
    On another note, haha, I loove your header! It’s so pretty!

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