TSLL’s Annual Holiday Gift Guide for Francophiles & Anglophiles, 2023 (50+ Finds)
Saturday November 4, 2023

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Bienvenue à the holiday season! The holiday season full of cozying-in, eating well, giving thanks and gifting aplenty in a myriad of ways. Plus so much more.

As I shared in yesterday’s This & That, all of a sudden it begins! However, with the start of November, I savor the three weeks leading up to Thanksgiving as I shared in this post a couple of years ago as there is no need to rush, but rather savor and thoughtfully begin to ponder how to embrace the holiday season in a way that you will most enjoy along with those loved ones you will be sharing this time with.

This weekend after watching the final Gardeners’ World of the season, I will be snuggling into my sofa with Norman and Nelle near, having poured a hot cuppa, I will pull out my planner, and in pencil, write down the events I most enjoy doing that signify the celebration of the season during this time of year – when I will forage for my holiday tree, when I will make my Christmas Stollen, decorate the front porch with lights and garland and generally come up with a list of things that I wouldn’t want to forget to do or shop for or share with others.

And speaking of shopping, TSLL’s Annual Holiday Gift Guide, specifically curated for the Anglophile and Francophile on your list is now ready for your to peruse at your leisure as you look at your own lists, or perhaps find something you want to nudge Santa to give you this holiday season.

With more than 50 finds (and a few that while not directly French or British certainly speak to what might intrigue or interest a Francophile or Anglophile), from holiday décor, to clothing, to advent calendars, food and more, I do hope you find something that immediately grabs your attention. As well, I have included at the end of today’s post the previous holiday gift guides as many of those finds are still available and also for Francophiles and Anglophiles.

Now, let’s go pour ourselves a cup of chocolat chaud and get started!

Click here for the recipe of my favorite French chocolat chaud. A seasonal go-to at Le Papillon! (which reminds me, I need to go pick up some more dark chocolate at the market! ☺️)

Wishing you a festive and merry start to the holiday season!

~Oh! And one of the holiday albums newly released this year (and included in the list below) is from Cher, and this is one of the songs on her album that will definitely get your toes a tapping and in the mood for a festive holiday season. And don’t worry! I have made sure that if you click on anything as you are listening and perusing this post, you will be taken to a new tab and the music will keep on playing! Enjoy listening while you shop! ☺️ And as they say in Britain and in France Happy Christmas and Joyeuses Fêtes !

For the Foodie and Home Cook

Vosges Haute Chocolat Box, Exotic Truffle Collection, 16 pieces (from Goldbelly)

Screenshot 2023 11 01 At 12.32.28 pm

Le Creuset, Build Your Own Set and Save!

Choose your color, and pick the items you want to include in your personal kitchen. In so doing, save up to 30% off!

Screenshot 2023 11 01 At 10.37.24 am

Mosser Glass Milk White Cake Stand (four sizes available)

Screenshot 2023 11 01 At 10.51.24 am

~Fortnum & Mason’s Christmas Black Tea

2210787 Xmas23 Christmas Black Tea Tin 200g 2023 Ls A

~Fortnum & Mason’s Christmas Green Tea

2210795 Mob Sq

~Wine Map of France

813g9jjtodl. Ac Sl1500

~The Fortnum’s Christmas Collection Hamper

5095536 The Fortnums Christmas Collection Hamper 2023 V2

~Marin Montagut’s limited edition Café de Flore teapot

~There are many items in this limited collection inspired by Café de Flore. I have included two below.

Cafedeflore Tea Pot 1

~Carnet Café de Flore

Marinmontagutcafedeflore©romainricard 26

~Galaxy Croissants (bake at home), Williams-Sonoma (packages of 8, 15 or 30)


~Ladurée Gourmandise, box of 24 macarons

Gourmandise Box Of 24 Macarons Copy.jpg

~Fromages.com for all of your French cheese needs!

~ships internationally. Ship individual cheese or carefully curated Cheeseboards such as the three examples below (award winning French cheeses, the classic Tour de France board, and a fall collection, plus more)

For the Book Lover

~The Unofficial Ted Lasso Cookbook (to be released November 14th)

81ir75gtl0l. Sl1500

~The French Ingredient: Making a Life in Paris One Lesson at a Time, a memoir by Jane Bertch

81j9m7d7kzl. Sl1500

~Romantic Era Poets Book Set, Juniper Books


~Inside: At Home with Great Designers (released in September 2022)

81cx4gameyl. Sl1500

~William Morris’ Flowers (V & A Museum)


~The Complete Book of French Cooking (released September 2023)

7140owq0zl. Sl1314

~Simple French Baking: Over 80 Sweet Recipes for the Home Cook by Manon Lagrève (released May 2023)

A10obolcpol. Sl1500

~The British Baking Book: The History of British Baking – Savory and Sweet by Regula Ysewijn (released September 2020)


81tfeeqevil. Sl1500

~French Literature Book Set

Elfr5 2 1200 Front1.jpg

~Heroines of the 19th Century Trio Set, from Penguin Classics

Pch3 1200 Front


Irish Wool Herringbone Blazer

~for him (or oversized for her), from Faherty

Hol23 Faherty Mens Moh2368 Dth Irish Wool Herringbone Blazer Donegal Tweed Herringbone Lifestyle 1 1000x.jpg

~Barbour Fair Isles Gloves, navy

Screenshot 2023 11 01 At 12.12.38 pm

~Maeve Heritage Houndstooth scarf, more colors, Anthropologie

86236841 009 B

~Eric Bombard Tartan Jacquard wrapover skirt, cashmere-wool blend

Eric Bompard F Mo3535 1ep 02b

~Barbour Union Jack socks, navy, women’s

Screen Shot 2018 01 26 At 4.41.43 Pm.png

~Eric Bompard Colour Block scarf, 83% cashmere

Eric Bompard F Ak490 1ej 01a

~Burberry Cotton Cap, archived Beige color (two other colors available)

Screenshot 2023 11 01 At 1.10.56 pm

~Swaine, London collapsible umbrellas (luxury)

~Londonwood Umbrellas, telescopic Maple wood handle (three colors)


~Souter & Sons antique Victorian copper tea kettle

Screenshot 2023 11 01 At 10.45.16 am

~19th century antique Georgian Copper Kettle

Screenshot 2023 11 01 At 10.46.54 am

~Dog Carolers Mug, Anthropologie

85243541 038 B

~Carrière Frères Winter Candle Collection (three scents)

Holiday Décor

New England Bells Traditional Strap Collection (choose how many bells you want)

~Wool Knit Stockings, many designs (below are just a few), found at Weston Table

~Rowen + Wren (UK) Brass, antique finish, Christmas tree stand

Screenshot 2023 11 01 At 11.17.55 am

~Creekside Farms Magnolia Greens Wreath

Screenshot 2023 11 01 At 11.33.58 am

~Passport Ornament, glass blown, from Old World Christmas

Screenshot 2023 11 01 At 12.28.33 pm

~Wedgwood Joy ornament

Screenshot 2023 11 01 At 12.30.23 pm

~Liberty Storefront Delft Teapot ornament

000779469 R508993006 1

~Liberty London stockings (many more than shown below)

Holiday Calendars

~La Maison du Chocolat’s Advent Calendar

Screenshot 2023 11 01 At 11.21.18 am

~Uncommon Good’s Book Lover’s Advent Calendar

~Uncommon Good’s Explore with Spice: A Global Culinary Calendar

58955 1 640px

~Palais des Thés Advent Calendar

~ Bonne Maman’s Limited Edition 2023 Advent Calendar

Bm Advent 2023 Mantel Pair 1200

~Fortnum & Mason’s Tea Filled Wooden advent calendar (other options available)

5113787 Fortnums Teas Filled Wooden Advent Calendar 23 Ls 1

~Walker’s Shortbread Limited Edition Advent Calendar

Screenshot 2023 11 02 At 1.07.38 pm

~Liberty London Beauty Advent Calendar

000785490 R520487006 1

Holiday Cards

Rifle Paper Co.’s Holiday Cards


~Shop MINTED’s Holiday Cards through 11/16 and save 30% (use promo code JOY2023)

Min Yt6 Hnp 001holiday A Pz


~Paper Culture, save 50% off holiday cards through 11/16 (sustainably designed)

~Liberty Christmas Card, box of 8

000781499 R513404006 3

New Holiday Music Releases

Cher’s Christmas (released October 23, 2023)

How has there NEVER been a Christmas album from the iconic Cher?! Well, now there is. Wahoo! Listen/watch to her interview about how she approached this album. It sounds like a fun album and I am definitely picking up my own copy.

91hzdgh95ul. Sl1500

And one more song from the album . . . “What Christmas Means to Me” with Stevie Wonder

Bing Crosby’s Christmas Gems (released October 27, 2023)

51mc Ok3l

Well, now I am definitely in the mood for the holiday season to begin! And be sure to stop by on Thursday November 23rd (yep! Thanksgiving afternoon!) when the holiday episode of The Simply Luxurious Kitchen cooking show will be shared! Recorded in the English countryside, I will be making a classic French dessert, a new tradition in my own holiday baking repertoire, a Bûche de Noël. More simple than you may have ever thought possible and guided by a trusted French patisserie chef, this is a recipe that will perhaps become a favorite of yours, like mine, as well. November 23rd!

~Visit the cooking show page on the blog, and visit Season 6 to find the recipe if you are viewing this post after November 23rd.


~And if you fancy taking a vicarious trip to England with me, be sure to explore the three-part Travel Diary series sharing detailed posts, photos, finds and inspiration enjoyed and discovered during my recent trip to England this past October (2023).

Screenshot 2023 11 03 At 6.32.47 am

Explore Past Years’ Holiday Gift Guides from TSLL

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21 thoughts on “TSLL’s Annual Holiday Gift Guide for Francophiles & Anglophiles, 2023 (50+ Finds)

  1. What a great gift list! Thanks for shopping for us. I will be purchasing the calendar for my daughter. I always buy her one and she is a very adventurous cook so I’m sure she will enjoy the recipes and spices!

  2. Can you see me smiling? I see several items I’ve given in the past for the Holidays, but now I am seeing a few, well maybe more than a few, more! Such a nicely curated list, thank you.
    Books, books, books, I see my delivery people being very busy. The best of the season for you too, and of course, Norman and Nelle!

  3. P.S. The passport ornament is perfect! I worked as a passport agent after retiring from my real job just for fun at my local city hall. It was a great job and I heard so many travel stories! I will be buying this gem!

  4. Lovely list Shannon, so many wonderful ideas. And as Lucy said–Books, books, books!! I love all the old Christmas music from Bing and Frank and Nat King Cole and Tony Bennett, but I will DEFINITELY be listening to Cher’s new album, yay, love her! Like you, I love slowly savoring the season, the planning, the slow thoughtful close to the one year, the quiet curation of the plans for the next–delicious time of year. Thanks for adding to the joys of the season. Love to the pups. xx~R

  5. What a fabulous list of Good Things, Shannon! I so enjoy browsing through it slowly with a cuppa at my elbow. I wonder who enjoys it more — you as you collect ideas for the list & put it together, or us for reading it? Good chocolate & good books . . . hard to beat that combination! Except somehow you do: throw in some tea, cheese, warm wool scarves & handsome men (oh, wait, maybe I was supposed to be looking at the blazer??) & you’ve outdone yourself. Thanks for the perfect treat for a gray & very wet weekend. I feel warmer already.

  6. I want all the food!! Has anyone tried the Christmas black tea? Orange and chocolate piques my interest. The copper kettles are divine. Thanks, Shannon, since I’m on a roll of longing for things I may as well peruse the 2022 and 2021 guide!

    1. Oh, and that Wedgwood ornament is stunning! I usually don’t gravitate towards it but it is very eye-catching.

  7. What a fun afternoon I have had perusing this extra special holiday gift guide! Thank you for doing so much work on your readers’ behalf, Shannon. You’ve sparked so many ideas for gift giving and I am now officially in the holiday spirit!

  8. Thank you for so many great ideas. The Ted Lasso cookbook is a gift idea and browsing Anthropologies Christmas shop after looking at the Christmas Dog Carolers mug, I found the Holiday in the City range with the Paris mug 😍 added to my own wish list ..
    I will be giving the Cher album a listen too, and looking forward to watching your Festive TSLK, and trying the recipe myself hopefully 🤞

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