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Saturday June 25, 2022

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Living a life of true contentment, the fundamental definition of living simply luxuriously, is a conscious journey that takes time to fully embody and experience all of the myriad of benefits to the quality of life in our everydays.

So upon reflection, after having written three books over the past ten+ years, it makes sense that sharing all of the components, as well as the many individual nuances as to how to tailor your life to your unique strengths, skills, passions, values, curiosities and experiences, would not occur or be able to be conveyed in a single tagline, sentence, one blog post or even one book.

With the newly published third book being released this past March, The Road to Le Papillon: Daily Meditations on True Contentment, indirectly, the library for why (1st book), how – conceptually (2nd book) and anecdotal examples from my own journey gathered of what experiencing true contentment looks and feels like (3rd book), readers now have an entire library of content of hold-in-your-hand material (no internet connection required) to cultivate their own unique simply luxurious life, a life that fits you and desire to enjoy living every single day.

One question I have received often from readers who are introducing TSLL to a new reader is Which book should I give them first? And I don’t have a hard-and-fast answer because it depends upon where they (the reader) is in their life journey and what type of learner they are.

For many years, weekly newsletter subscribers nudged me to write what has become the third book, the daily meditations book, but I needed first to fully understand was how to live simply luxuriously in my own life every day. I knew it conceptually, I experienced it during many days, but there were still questions I had to answer, to understand about myself and my journey and what truly my dharma was and then I had to be brave enough to step into living my dharma fully which was full-time writing/blogging. This took time. So as a writer, I wrote what I knew and knew well, and that is why the order of the books were released as they were; however, as I shared with one reader at a book signing, the third book would be a great place to start as an introduction to what living simply luxuriously looks and feels like as the seasons unfold within the calendar year. If a life of true contentment is something that speaks to them after exploring The Road to Le Papillon, then returning to the 1st and 2nd book would follow reading the 3rd.

For a side-by-side detailing of each book (page length, price, etc.), I have listed all three separately just below. You can explore the contents of each of the books in detail on TSLL’s Book Main Page. Click on any one of them to read more in detail about each, and watch the trailer for each as well.

With all of that said, I have created a special discount when all three books are bundled and purchased together from TSLL. Choose either the hardback or paperback version, each will be signed, and you will save 15% off the retail price when you purchase from TSLL. If you would like a personalized inscription (your name or a quote, etc.), please note that in the order upon purchasing and designate which book to place it in. While this does not include shipping (both domestic and international shipping are available), the price for the paperback bundle saves you $11 and the hardback saves you $15.

thesimplyluxuriouslife.com | The Simply Luxurious Life

Hardback TSLL Collection Bundle

Retail price –$100, TSLL Price — $85

thesimplyluxuriouslife.com | The Simply Luxurious Life
~1st book (blue spine); 2nd book (yellow spine); 3rd book (green/eucalyptus spine)~

thesimplyluxuriouslife.com | The Simply Luxurious Life

Paperback TSLL Collection Bundle

Retail Price $74.85, TSLL Price – $63

Whether shopping for yourself or to give as a gift, whenever you are interested in purchasing, find the Book Bundle in two different places on the blog: (1) the drop down menu underneath SHOP, and on the Main Book Page – scroll to the bottom and you will see these pictures shown on today’s post. Click on the link and you will be taken to this page where the “Click to Shop” button directs you.

I sometimes ponder whether a blog or books are the better platform upon which to share all that living simply luxurious is, but then I am reminded that the blog made possible my connection with TSLL readers like yourself, and it was your encouragement over the years to bring the first book, then the second and after many years of patiently waiting, and continually letting me know the third book was desired, it came to be as well. I am grateful to be able to offer the content on both platforms, and I am most grateful for your interest in living simply luxuriously and the time you share with readers and myself.

Wishing you many moments of pleasurable, insightful and inspired reading.

Bonne journée

thesimplyluxuriouslife.com | The Simply Luxurious Life
thesimplyluxuriouslife.com | The Simply Luxurious Life

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