Totally Together – Book Review
Tuesday August 2, 2011

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For the busy moms and dads, and even for those who don’t have children in their households but nonetheless inhabit a very busy lifestyle, award winning blogger Stephanie O’Dea and mother of three has created an indispensable guide to organize your bustling household when it comes to planning meals, keeping the house clean and making time for taking care of yourself.

Based upon the premise that it is possible to “clean less and play more”, O’Dea’s book titled Totally Together: Shortcuts to an Organized Life shares in the first 44 pages specific, detailed tips such as the Daily 7 which are tasks that should occur every day, guidance as you prep for the holidays, a list of age appropriate chores for your children and guilt-free reasons to carve out me-time.

The remainder of the journal is for the reader as O’Dea lays out blank weekly plans of what should be cleaned, inspiration to stay motivated and space for a list of daily tasks.  An author who practices what she preaches, O’Dea explains how she goes about creating her own weekly mean and even includes a sample.

Upon picking this book up, you’ll find it is a quick read and then something you’ll want to use every day as a planner or as a template for creating your own unique version.  While I do not have children, I found the meal planner tips to be great ideas as my weeks can magically become busy and chaotic, however, I still strive to eat in a way that is healthy and conducive to a more productive and energetic life. By planning ahead whether it is in our weekly meals, chores or delegating tasks to various members in your household, O’Dea shares specific tools to keep it all together.

Overall, if you have a family that keeps you hopping, Totally Together provides common sense, yet specific advice that if followed will lead to a much more tranquil life and home.

Totally Together: Shortcuts to an Organized Life – purchase here
author – Stephanie O’Dea
Price: $8.72
Pages: 176
Publisher: Berkley Trade

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