The Benefits of Being Flexible With Life

Oct 15, 2012

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If you are a planner, someone who knows what she wants, loves her “to-do” list and feels a small rush of adrenaline when even small tasks are completed as expected, it is quite frustrating when life diverts your plans and sends you on a detour. And when it feels as though it is happening again and again, it may cause you to reassess your intended direction.

Even though your determination is being tested during such uncertain times, I would urge you to not lose sight of your intended goal. Instead what I would advise is to be flexible in the many small steps that will eventually lead to where you want to go.

Why? The beautiful gift of life is essentially a paradox. Plan, plan, plan, only to be thrilled with an outcome we hadn’t planned on.  Such an idea sounds irrational initially, but think about. By setting a goal, you have a focus. Much like a slinky, even if you get pulled off course (or so you think), by always remaining focused on your goal, you will be pulled back when the time is right. In fact, you may be pulled back toward something even better than you could have planned.

Similar to an unexpected thunder storm on a day you had planned a picnic outside, amazing moments can be created and enjoyed that you hadn’t even expected or could have ever planned. When you are pulled off course, you experience people, interactions, events, and once-in-a-lifetime moments that you would have never imagined at the beginning of your journey. But you see, these unforeseen moments are opportunities to learn lessons that will behoove you down the road to ensure you are able to attain your dream. Sometimes, often times, we don’t know what we need when we set a goal before ourselves.  Thankfully, however, we have the naiveté to not know the obstacles and only the excitement and thrill of imagining what could be when we finally arrive at our destination.

Most importantly, know what you want – set a goal. Dream big! Then, choose to embrace the winding course that, trust me, is leading you to where you wish to go, and perhaps where you never dared to dream you could go.

Have a wonderful Monday everyone, and have faith in life, and most importantly in yourself, that you are heading in the right direction, as long as you continue to move forward.

5 thoughts on “The Benefits of Being Flexible With Life

  1. I’m thinking a lot about goals these days as I, upon reaching a big one (job related), only got depressed and disappointed. It wasn’t at all what I had expected, and I burned myself out on my struggle to reach it.

    I’m still a dreamer. A doer. Someone who thinks anything and everything is possible, but I’m much more cautious today when it comes to what goals I set. And maybe my biggest goal of them all right now is simply to live a peaceful and quiet life where I’m happy with where I am right now, no matter where that may be.

  2. As always, another inspiring post! Dreaming big is the easy part, it’s trusting your instinct and the winding, unknown road ahead that’s the challenge.

    Thank you for the daily inspiration! It’s like candy in my Inbox!

  3. Thanks for such a truly inspiring start to the week, Shannon!

    As I read, I couldn’t help thinking about one of my heroes who has had to learn to allow life to drastically change his own set of goals, but says that his personal ‘winding road’ has brought him fulfilment he could never have imagined. Who am I talking about?

    Why, Alessandro (Alex) Zanardi, former Formula One driver who lost both his legs a few years back in a horrific F1 crash. Last month he returned to Brand’s Hatch (one of the UK’s famous F1 circuits) where he took two Paralympic Golds in his new sport of handcycling, winning the Individual H4 time trial and the Individual H4 road race, followed by a Silver medal in the Mixed H1-4 Team Relay. Alex had started his sporting career with the aim of becoming a F1 champion. Life’s winding road led him to being nominated on 11th September by the International Paralympic Committee ‘one of the twelve greatest Paralympians’, and he says his gold medals mean more to him than winning a F1 race ever could have, simply because he had to overcome so much more to achieve them!!

  4. I am so glad I found your blog , thank you so much for posting your articles. People looking for inspiration and assurance at times , and don’t feel like sharing problems with their family / friends.. That is when your post could give piece of mind and comfort someone who is need. Thank you again!

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