Tap Into Your Gifts
Monday March 28, 2011

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“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening, that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost.”

-Martha Graham

It may seem at times that the thoughts each of us ponder, the feelings each of us feel are not unique due to the mass number of the world population.  It may seem at times that we are not unique, people may even try to manipulate us to accept this idea.  It may seem at times that we have nothing new to give the world that has not already been bequeathed, but in all of these cases we would be wrong, thankfully, very, very wrong.

The combination of ideas, talents, place of residence, experience, education, age, gender and physical attributes, along with so many other variables, is something that disproves the assumptions listed above.

What I want to impress today as we all begin the week is that we must not shy away from or stop the continual search to be the full extent of what we have been gifted to become – such a combination that no one else will ever possess it. The expression that is uniquely each of ours in which Martha Graham(world renowned modern dance choreographer) speaks of is something that we must share, we must tap into, we must seek and then embrace.

Do you have an ear for music that you can’t explain, and perhaps others take for granted?  Can you discern almost instantaneously the flavors in any meal you taste? Is  your body able to contort in ways that others are simply befuddled by?  Do you have an ability to read others’ actions and intentions even when they can’t explain them for themselves? Don’t assume everyone has these gifts.  Accept your gift, improve upon it and offer it as a way to improve the world you live in.

Often times, it becomes much easier to succumb to what everyone else expects from us, what the zeitgeist accepts and doesn’t question, but that doesn’t mean it sits well with each of us. I have spoke of this idea before, of being our own guide, and I can’t stress strongly enough how contentment and true fulfillment is attainable by finding the courage and strength to listen to what you may know right now, but can’t explain.  In the case that you can’t explain it, but truly do believe you have potential in, I encourage you to educate yourself, fine tune your skills and abilities, seek out the coaching or mentoring of someone who is an expert in the field you desire to be a part of.

For while hard work is an absolute requirement, so is passion, love and belief that each one of us has something special to offer if we are willing to follow our talents, follow that uniqueness that resides within each one of us and be strong enough to say, “Others may not understand why I believe so wholeheartedly, but right now, I need to trust myself and put forth the work that is necessary to amplify my gifts.”

Cling to this uniqueness, grab hold of the opportunity and polish it up, beef it up with the proper foundation and let what you do best be revealed authentically.

“Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.”

Have a beautiful and inspired Monday.

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9 thoughts on “Tap Into Your Gifts

  1. Once again a very inspiring article Shannon! Let’s just do what we are created for: believe in ourselves and bring out the best and most of our nature!
    Have a great new week!
    xo, Eleni

  2. Shannon – this is so inspiring, and there’s no doubt that we all posess unique qualities! Sometimes I think we might forget this in our daily lives and routines, which is why posts like this is an important reminder!

  3. What a perfect post for a Monday! I just read an article in the Toronto Star (Canada) that stated a new trend of having 2-3 part times jobs to be able to incorporate things we love doing and not be stuck doing one mundane thing “just to pay bills”. This way if you think you have a few gifts you’d like to use each day – you can! Thank you Shannon!!

  4. I love that last statement! I’m having a very difficult year for health reasons, but your blogs never fail to inspire me to try, try and try again, to live the life I was born to live, and not one that others think I should. Thank you once again. Gill xx

  5. Thank you. I needed this. I need to know that regardless of the mundane administrative work I do here in an office I still have worth even though I feel like my bosses never seem to notice.

    It is very encouraging and I will never give up my dreams!

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