Sunday Morning & My Mother’s Peonies

Jul 12, 2020

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20 thoughts on “Sunday Morning & My Mother’s Peonies

  1. Lovely flowers and philosophy! Thank you and your mother for sharing. 😊 Peonies are on the “to-add” list for my garden, for sure. <3

  2. TO have grown up with such love and flowers is a gift you will never lose.

    I cherish my similar memories.

  3. How beautiful! Thank you so much for allowing us a virtual visit to this precious corner of your mom’s world, Shannon. This post was the perfect accompaniment to my Sunday morning tea.

  4. As a lover of peonies I am in agreement on the myth of Paeon. They are stunning . Thank you for sharing as here in France they have finished flowering. Your bare roots should do well. I happily divide my bushes without any problems😊

  5. Peonies are indeed a special flower and always bring a smile to my face. Many thanks to you and your mom for sharing with us 🙂

  6. What a beautiful tour! Thank you! I love peonies and while they don’t grow well where I live, I pick them up at Trader Joe’s whenever that time rolls around. I enjoyed some beautiful ones this year! If I wasn’t so partial to warmer weather, I’d pick up and move to the PNW in a heartbeat. Those mountains are gorgeous.

  7. I adore peonies and am still optimistic that there is a variety that will survive a wet spring Zone 8😄. Thank you for the lovely visit to your family’s home, it is so so lovely.

  8. How beautiful! It must be so rejuvenating to return to your parents’ place and experience this beauty. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I think you should be able to grow peonies in Bend. I grew up in northern Utah, which both gets pretty cold in the winter and is definitely on the dry side the rest of the year. Peonies grew there in abundance. Good luck!

  10. What beautiful images from your mother’s garden. I, too. love peonies, although here in coastal NJ, they flower much earlier in the season and have thus already left us for the year. The setting of your parents’ home is spectacular, sitting in the garden or on the patio must be a treat!

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