Season 4 Cookbook is Now Available! The Simply Luxurious Kitchen
Thursday November 11, 2021

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Layers of Flavor, the theme of this season’s The Simply Luxurious Kitchen cooking show shared ten different recipes all inspired by French cuisine. As well, all of them are simple meals to make, full of flavor created by adding simple flavor components from your garden, èpicerie and seasonal autumn offerings at the market.

My hope each season is to inspire viewers and readers to step into their kitchen and enjoy the creating as much as the meal itself. The kitchen provides much comfort for me in my own life. No matter what is swirling around me, at the end of the day, in the middle of the day and to begin my day when I step into the kitchen, I am held in the present and I am comforted knowing I am creating something to care for myself.

As a way to simplify having to look through each post that contains each recipe from the eight episodes, I have created a digital cookbook you can download. The cookbook also contains the direct link to the cooking video so you may watch and learn and discover how you too can make this in your own kitchen without a hitch.

If you are a TOP Tier Member, you may down load the cookbook for free (earlier this week I sent an email out to Members with the link). However, if you didn’t receive the email or would like to access past cookbooks (each season has its own), click here and scroll down to Cookbooks and simply click on the Season under Members that you wish to add to your files.

Available for all readers, the cost is only $8, and you can purchase Season 4’s cookbook here or check out all Cookbooks here on the Cooking Show page.

Look for all episodes of this season to be available on YouTube and Apple Podcasts on January 1st. All previous seasons can be found on each of these platforms as well as TSLL blog.

Be sure to tune on Saturday November 27th for the annual Holiday episode of The Simply Luxurious Kitchen.

A new season returns beginning the second Saturday of September in 2022. Until then, enjoy stepping into your kitchen! Bonne journée.


episode #6 — Pear & Thyme Galette

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  1. Hi Sharon! I tried to download the Season 4 cookbook (and the other Seasons too) and the link your provided isn’t working.

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