A Reflective Respite
Wednesday January 27, 2010

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As we near the end of January, and this first month of what I am determined to make the best decade yet, I have been humbled.  As I look forward to spring with its plethora of color and life, I have to appreciate January.

January seems to be a month where I am forced, and in retrospect, thankful, to slow down, to clean out my closets because I cannot clean out my flower beds, to readjust my budget because it is waning a bit after the holiday festivities, to reflect on what I need and what I can live without because everyone else seems to be taking a breather as well, and to set goals as well as the millions of tiny steps that will help me achieve them because I do want to make this the most satisfying year yet.

So with January on its final legs, I say thank you like one does to a teacher who has been challenging, yet at the same time effective, but eagerly look forward to what is waiting once the class as been passed.  Bring on February, bring on spring . . . I’m oh so ready for them.
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