Pursuing Our Passion
Wednesday January 20, 2010

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A couple of months ago I got my hands on Mireille Giliano’s most recent book, Women, Work & the Art of Savoir Faire, the third book by the now famous best-selling author of French Women Don’t Get Fat.

I quickly read through it and found a lot of reassurance, advice, insight and information that I think anyone at any stage of their career might benefit from.  Whether it be the college graduate just starting out in search of their first job in their field, or someone who has put a handful of years into their job and now is looking to move up the ladder, or even someone who is looking to their next stage in life after retirement; there is something for everyone.
Giliano’s style of incorporating her    advice in reflections of her own experience is something that I enjoy, but if this isn’t you’re style, it may slow you up a bit.  I would suggest patience though, because there are some gems in this book.  Below are a few that I found:

“With talent, hard work and being in the right place, you can help make your own luck.”

“Networking and patience”

“Don’t let fear be a barrier to you achieving your ambitions.”

“Too often we become paralyzed by worry over the worst things that can happen.  We lack confidence and security, panic over financial risk, get locked into careers and lifestyles that are not what we dreamed for ourselves or can achieve . . . our passions get displaced and we become sad and even depressed.  All because we were afraid to take a risk at a moment of opportunity.”

“Men of genius possess common traits: hard work, stick-to-itiveness when faced with tough challenges and seeming failure, some good, shrewd people skills, and lucky breaks.”
“Always be open and prepared to seize opportunities for business and life, and always work harder and smarter than the next guy.”

“You even look better when you are full of passion for what you are doing.”

(Mireille has a superb website)

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