Mind Your Mindset, book: petit plaisir #354
Wednesday April 5, 2023

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“Unsettling as it may be, uncertainty is not the enemy; it points no too chaos but to possibility.” Mind Your Mindset

Earlier this year, Mind Your Mindset was the inspiration for a post about Experiencing More Aha Moments, and the book continued to pop up in my mind as a beneficial resource when I picked up the book Money: A Love Story that is the focus of today’s podcast episode #354 – How to Find Your Financial Freedom – which focuses on the crucial component of shifting our stories around money.

Mind Your Mindset shares both multiple studies in the fields of neurology and psychology to bring readers’ awareness to how the mind works, and how when we understand how it functions, we can work with it rather than be at its mercy.

“If our stories determine our experience of reality, we can improve our reality by improving our stories. And that creates a positive feedback loop that ‘rewires’ our brain, making us stronger, more resilient, and more capable of addressing the choices, changes and chances of life.”

Be sure to listen to the conclusion of today’s episode of The Simple Sophisticate podcast (episode #354) to hear specific passages and reasons why I highly recommend this book.

Mind Your Mindset: The Science That Shows Success Starts with Your Thinking by Michael Hyatt & Megan Hyatt Miller

(January 2023)

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Mind Your Mindset is the Petit Plaisir of episode #354 of The Simple Sophisticate podcast, How to Find Your Financial Freedom: The Importance of Understanding, Writing and LIVING Your Love Story with Money

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