The Creative Act, a book: petit plaisir #351
Wednesday February 15, 2023

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How to be, how to move, through our daily lives, when we do so well, makes all the difference in discovering the magic that makes life unimaginably special and full of awesome surprises.

In legendary record producer Rick Rubin’s first book, now a top 10 bestseller on both the New York Times and Wall Street Journal book lists, The Creative Act: A Way of Being shares how to embrace being in our everydays and how that contributes and fosters a creative life. In December, when I learned of its release, my curiosity was immediately piqued, and I quickly preordered my copy. Upon its arrival, I have exercised my willpower to slowly read and savor each of the many short chapters of insight, wisdom and discovery Rubin has made along the way of creating, finding and unearthing where creativity resides.

While a professional in the music industry, this book is for everyone, regardless of whether they work in a traditionally defined creative field, seeking to find fulfillment in how we live our life. To tune in to what is speaking from within and to honor what we hear, see and are inspired to do.

Be sure to tune in to the audio version and listen to the end of episode #351, in which this book was chosen as the Petit Plaisir as I read two excerpts (of oodles) that I annotated and resonated with and think you might as well.

A resource of a book, a book that will be in my library for years to come, I look forward to having it at my fingertips to remind me that so much of what we are looking for is already there if only we would let go and be fully present.

Earlier in January, this book was enjoyed in many reading nooks through the house as I devoured a handful of chapters at a time. With each chapter being quite short (two pages, and occasionally four), it is a book, despite its 400 pages, that you can read through quickly if you don’t pace yourself. I vowed to go slowly so that I could absorb fully what he was sharing, pondering it as I went.

The Creative Act was the Petit Plaisir for episode #351 of The Simple Sophisticate podcast – 351: 8 Strategies for Curating a Spring Capsule Wardrobe That Sings without the Excess | The Simply Luxurious Life

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