Joanna Vargas Facial Masks, petit plaisir #314
Monday October 18, 2021

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A rejuvenating facial mask enjoyed while soaking in a hot bubble bath. Many benefits occurring simultaneously to soothe the body, nourish the skin and rest the mind. Joanna Vargas facial masks were recently tried in my own skincare routine, and I was more than happy with their results.

As someone who regularly gives myself a facial at home each week, sometimes twice, when I learned about Joanna Vargas facial masks, I wanted to explore further. Recommended by individuals who have steered me toward other skincare products I love, I tried out one of Vargas’ single masks before buying a full-size package (containing five masks). Not a cheap investment, I wanted to ensure indeed this mask was worth the $17 (x5 – $75 for five masks).

Choosing the “Forever Glow, Anti-Aging mask“, I heeded the advice of the recommendation to place the mask in the refrigerator prior to using. Not only does placing the mask in the fridge provide a dose of cool juxtaposed against the ‘hot’ the rest of your body is feeling when you are in the bath, it also holds the mask in place without any mess.

For 15 minutes, the mask, complete with cut-outs for your eyes and mouth, fit comfortably. Upon removing the mask, my skin was certainly more hydrated and plumped, which reduced slightly the appearance of the fine lines around my eyes. While I will only use this mask once a week due to the expense, it is a high quality product and it does provide beneficial results. And, I have to be honest, it just feels good.

There are a handful of brands with similar single-use masks, so be sure to explore what works best for your skin-type. Joanna Vargas has spas in both Los Angeles and New York, and is committed to using plant-based ingredients. With the driving premise behind each product to first be preventative and second be effective to see noticeable results, from my experience, the latter is definitely true, even after one use. I look forward to using it more regularly

Joanna Vargas facial masks

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