305: 36 Bedtime Daily Rituals and Essential Details to Ensure A Restful Slumber
Monday April 19, 2021

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”Discover the great ideas that lie inside you by discovering the power of sleep.” – Arianna Huffington, author of The Sleep Revolution

Awaking without an alarm clock. Letting the body and mind in tandem wake up after having receiving the necessary amounts of sleep, my goal as I move forward in life is to have more mornings awoken only by the morning murmurs of the fresh air, the birdsong, the quiet of the house as the sun begins to gently start the day.

If you have ever experienced jet lag, you know what it feels like, what it sounds like when your body and mind to speak, asking, “Why aren’t we sleeping right now?”. Whether you are traveling across multiple time zones or not, your body and mind need deep consistent rest, and when we listen to and honor what we hear, we begin to live a life of healthy harmony. We are better able to manage our emotions, stay present, be patient, think clearing and so much more. Sharing the nine benefits of a good night’s sleep a couple of years ago, I have no doubt you know the importance and value of a good night’s sleep, but knowing and creating a space in our sanctuaries to offer a nightly restful slumber can be two different things.

Today, inspired by the completion of my primary bedroom’s restyling (tour the full bedroom customizataion hereParisian Elegance marries English Country Comfort Aesthetics in TSLL’s Primary Bedroom Reveal – view before and after photos included along with all of the details, links and decisions behind the choices), I wanted to introduce next week’s post with a post sharing 36 Bedtime Daily Rituals and Essential Details for a restful slumber.

To know what we need is one thing. To know how to cultivate it can be a bit more difficult to ascertain, but what I have learned over the years having never used an alarm clock during my teenage years, the daily necessary ingredient for an everyday of contentment is a good night’s sleep.

Forward thinking as well as remaining in the present are advisable for living a life of contentment as well; however, reflecting upon times in our life when we felt contentment can be incredibly helpful. And so it was my reflection on my teenage years, reminding me of how I lived which enabled me to live without an alarm clock and still live a full life, rise early enough to begin the day without rush and reduce or eliminate my worries.

While taking time, two decades in fact, my bedroom decor as well as my daily rituals surrounding sleep cultivate a necessary portion of daily life I deeply savor, look foward to and find incredibly life lifting when I consciously prioritize my sleep which has been essential to enjoying my days.

First the concrete essential details present in the bedroom to assist in cultivating an inviting and restful bedroom:

~Be sure to tune in to the audio version as much more detail is shared on each item in the lists below.

Essential Details

1.Easily accessible and easy to utilize dimmable bedside table lamps or wall sconces

2. Tranquil wall covering – paint or wallpaper

3. Small trays on the bedside table(s)

4. A full glass of water and carafe

5. Linen sheets and pillowcases – year round

Santorini Linen sheets (choose linen, not cotton as they have both available in the same name from The White Company), I sleep in these as well as alternate with French vintage linen sheets I found in France.

Parachute also makes high quality linen sheets in many different colors.

-Learn more about linen – French Linen: The Fields, The History and Why it is a Truly Luxurious Fabric

6. A top blanket for napping during the day

7. Lavender (or one’s favorite scent for calm) hand lotion

8. Lip balm

9. Candles and match striker

10. Writing utensil

11. Journal

12. Books for reading which calm the mind

13. Window treatment enabling you to open your window and provide privacy when needed

14. A bolster (or traversin in French)

15. Natural light

16. A mix of prints and solids, textures and fabrics

17. Include the three pillars of tangible decor details – (1) natural fabrics, (2) metals and (3) natural material

(i.e. (1) linen, cotton, wool; (2) brass or silver, etc. – stick to the same hue, finish may vary; (3) wood, bamboo, seagrass, etc.

18. For a calm aesthetic – Select three colors and vary the hues

”Sleep helps you win at life.” – Amy Poehler

Limit or remove:

  • access to the internet (phone, tablet, computer)
  • excessive photos and décor (cluttered walls, table tops, shelves, etc.)
  • bright overhead lighting or fluorescent lighting
  • television
  • décor items holding reminders of pain, loss, or hurt
  • dust and dirt and laundry or tossed about clothing (clean the bedroom regularly as a way to be mindful of the importance of the time you spend in the space, of course for basic cleanliness as well)

Bedtime Daily Rituals


0. Gently turn on bedside light (why dimmable lamps are a necessity)

1.Finish drinking the glass of water by the bed which had been poured prior to going to bed the night before

2.Before rising, thoughtfully contemplate one or two things you are grateful for (journal or write down if you prefer)

3. Read or listen to a page or a chapter of something inspiring (sans internet) such as a book or turn on calm music

I prefer classical in the morning, but choose something to lift you well into the day

4. Let the natural daylight in when possible

5. Open the windows (if they aren’t already open) to hear the birdsong during the spring

6. Rise and put on your slippers and dressing gown/robe


1. Set room/house temperature to desired levels

2. Prepare the pups for bed – final bathroom outing, blanket or dog bed preparation

3. Draw window treatments as preferred and open window (if preferred)

4. Turn on sleep timer for any music or listening element you enjoy before falling asleep

5. Situate the pillows

Bolster goes behind the sleeping pillow and large decorative Euros are removed

6. Use hand and foot lotion, lip balm (as desired)

7. Pour a full glass of water and place in the tray bedside

8. Light a candle (if preferred) or spritz the bed linens with a favorite scent

9. Remove slippers and dressing gown/robe, placing nearby for easy access in the morning

10. Journal any thoughts, putting the day to bed

11. Read a book that does not add drama or worry, but rather brings a smile or tickles the mind

12. Lights out

(if I cannot sleep, deep breathing practice – 6-count inhale, 6-count exhale – and before I realize it, I have fallen asleep as it stops my mind from thinking and lets it relax)

”Sleep is the best meditation.” – Dalai Lama

While decorating our sleeping space in a way to personalize is incredibly helpful, what I have discovered over the years is I am more often removing items rather than adding them to my bedroom. In so doing, the room’s restfulness improves, my sleep deepens and there are fewer items to preoccupy my mind (or trip over). Keeping it simple, keeping it thoughtful with our intentionality and choices, investing in quality, yep, cultivating a simply luxuriously sleep space, is to live well and more specifically sleep well. Because when we sleep well, our waking hours are far more positive and fruitful and simply, incredibly enjoyable. 🙂

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Petit Plaisir

~La Rochere water glass, tumbler or stemmed glass

  • Wayfair (many options, individual glasses available for purchase)

~Long Live the Queen! 23 Rules for Living from Britain’s Longest Reigning Monarch by Bryan Kozlowski (copyright Nov. 2020)

  • Find the A Cuppa Ideas notepads here.

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7 thoughts on “305: 36 Bedtime Daily Rituals and Essential Details to Ensure A Restful Slumber

  1. Hello Shannon,
    This topic is one I really needed. I do not sleep well at all. It has begun to take it’s toll on me in many ways. This has been an ongoing battle, and continues to get worse with time. I am ready to put everything you have listed into place today! Can you recommend a set of linen sheets? I have been pursuing online, however, there are so many to choose from. I want to make sure I get this choice correct.

    1. Absolutely happy to recommend (I will also update this post later today). For direct links, check out The White Company’s Santorini Linen sheets (make sure you chose the linen sheets, not their cotton ones by the same name) – https://rstyle.me/+GCfZooqy8CK77Wnfpt963g

      I sleep in those – the Santorini and I sleep in vintage French linen sheets I found in France.

      Parachute also sells wonderful linen sheets (in many different colors) – https://rstyle.me/+6pWVyhb4lKmfxCTyKwWqgw

      I hope this helps. It definitely did for me and my sleep is incredibly comfortable.

  2. LOL! “. . . mornings awoken only by the morning murmurs of the fresh air, the birdsong, the quiet of the house as the sun begins to gently start the day.”

    Oh, my. The tender words of someone NOT owned by cats. We have just the one now, to my sad regret, but haven’t been woken only by the morning murmurs of anything in too many years to recall. Yodelling yells from the hallway as she gallops around the house singing the Songs of Her People at 3:30AM. Plaintive trills & a paw patting my face at 5. Nine pounds of joy landing squarely on my full bladder at 6. Then the full-throated howls of starvation — the bottom of her bowl is showing through the kibble — at 6:30, kept up until one of us rolls out of bed & staggers into the kitchen to open a tin of Fancy Feast that she may or may not pay any attention to. Then she’s back on the bed with tuna breath kisses to standing on our delicate bits at five times her normal weight & from there to the window to chatter at birds & yell at the occasional passing tomcat (who may pause in his wanderings to yell back). Elder gentlemen dogs sound like such a sane choice. But I do aspire to the IDEA of a good night’s sleep 🙂

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