TSLL Books Now in Hardcover!
Tuesday April 20, 2021

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The blog, The Simply Luxurious Life (TSLL) began in 2009 and in 2014 welcomed its first book to readers upon request to compile the online content into a hold-in-your-hand exploration of what living simply luxuriously was all about.

At the time, the only option available was paperback as well as audio and eBook. My hope has always been to bring a hardcover option to readers who return to the books for a particular section or to reread cover to cover as when our lives change, we too read books with new eyes, seeking new lessons and understanding past lessons in a different way.

In 2018, TSLL’s 2nd book was released, also available in paperback, eBook and audio, but still not yet in hardcover, but all of that changed early this spring when hardcover became available. I quickly jumped at the chance to bring readers what has been requested for six years.

First, thank you for your patience, and second and most importantly, the wait is over! With four options available for each book title – hardcover, paperback, eBook and audio – readers are now able to enjoy the book as they wish.

And this also means, TSLL’s soon-to-be-released 3rd book, published in early Spring 2022, will be available in hardcover from the get-go (along with all of the other options). (View February’s A Cuppa Moments’ video chat with TOP Tier subscribers to learn more about the content of TSLL’s 3rd title.) Look for a detailed post this upcoming fall to learn more about TSLL’s third book, and explore the hardcover versions of both of TSLL’s books here.

~TSLL’s 1st book – complete with illustrations accompanying each chapter by Inslee.~
~The illustration preceding Chapter 10: Indulging Your Inner Francophile, book #1~`
~the backcover of TSLL’s 2nd Book~

~Learn more about both of TSLL’s books here.

1st Book trailer

2nd Book trailer

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16 thoughts on “TSLL Books Now in Hardcover!

  1. I can’t wait for the 3rd book. In June I plan on re-reading the first 2 books. I love them for self-improvement and they are perfect for those who want to reinvent themselves, like me.

    1. Rita, Thank you so much for your interest in TSLL’s books and I too cannot wait to bring the 3rd book to readers. 🙂 Thank you as always for your continued interest in the blog and content. Have a lovely day. 🙂

  2. Congratulations, Shannon, the books look lovely! And what a gorgeous photo(the last one). The flowers are stunning and I love that vase!
    I’m so looking forward to your third(!) book.
    Happy Tuesday!

  3. Hi Shannon,
    So excited for the third book! Like many others, I continue to re-read your books when I sense my life needs a little pick me up. Sometimes the whole book, sometimes just a specific chapter. Thank you for creating these beautiful resources!

  4. This is wonderful news! Your new book to look forward to, and “keeper copies” of two very favorite books to return to again and again. Can’t wait. Many congratulations!

  5. That is great news Shannon; congrats! My paperback copies are looking a little dog-eared (a good thing really, as they get looked at frequently) so might be time for an upgrade. And I’m really looking forward to the new book; I love ‘a year of …’ volumes.

    On a side note: while searching my local library website for the Schitt’s Creek documentary ‘Simply the Best’ (which they didn’t have), the first item on the ‘similar items’ was your ‘Living the Simply Luxurious Life’. Simply the best indeed!

    1. Catherine,

      I have been meaning to respond to your comment. I am absolutely chuffed by what you have shared! Please extend my gratitude to your local library and librarians. I am tickled to learn the book was included. Wahoo! 🙂

      And I am incredibly tickled to hear as well that you have enjoyed the books based on how they are showing their wear and tear. 🙂

  6. Congratulations Shannon! So very exciting! Purchasing all 3 hardcover books would make a WONDERFUL gift for new grads and also (thinking ahead) great Christmas gifts. 🙂

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