The Perfect Travel Wardrobe
Sunday July 25, 2010

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With an upcoming week of work/play vacation about to present itself, my mind has been on what to pack (as well as on how I’m going to schedule everything I wish to do).  So when I came across Instyle’s suggested list of items to include for traveling in style, I meshed it with a few of my own ideas that make for a fail-safe plan whether you’re traveling by plane, train or car.

The beauty of traveling is that often we have the fortunate opportunity to visit places we have been dutifully waiting to see, or visiting locales that bring us joy and pleasure.  However, if we don’t feel confident in how we are presenting ourselves, some of the fun can be depleted.  So in order to eliminate any worries, and increase the enjoyment, keep these ten items always at the ready to pack when an opportunity to travel presents itself. And to ensure even more luxury when your travel beyond your wardrobe needs, click here for my tips on luxurious travel.

1. An Oversized Tote

Be sure to bring along an oversize tote for items that should always be with you when flying (an extra change of clothes, contact solution, phone charger, etc), but don’t need to be in your purse.  And even if your mode of travel doesn’t take you upward, placing reading material (books, newspaper, magazines) and even your laptop into your tote’s allows you to always keep such important items handy.

2. A Nautical Top

A Breton top truly is a sweatshirt in disguise.  Classic and a neutral of sorts that is capable of being paired with so many different items, and more importantly very comfortable.  Always be sure to have a few of these in your closet.

3. Bright Flats

Adding a pop of color to a simple outfit can come easily enough in the flats you place on your feet.  The beauty of flats is that they can be worn with skirts, jeans, shorts, dresses – you get the idea – and they are perfect for travel.  Allowing you to remain stylish and in vogue, but also being very comfortable.

4. A Colorful Scarf

A soft, oversized scarf in a bright solid color or print is a must to include in your tote on your travel expeditions.  This multi-purpose item can serve as an accessory, a wrap to keep you warm, a pillow on the plane or a blanket as well. Consider it an adult Linus blanket – never leave home without it.

5. A Leather Jacket

The beauty of a leather jacket is that while being a layering piece in your wardrobe, it can cross over to all seasons. A leather jacket can keep you warm, as well as keep you cool, and the best part is that it doesn’t wrinkle when placed in your tote or used as a place to prop your head for a quick nap.

6. Worn in Jeans

An item that should always be packed is a good pair of jeans, one’s that provide comfort, but also flatter your figure.  One of the many neutral items, jeans can be dressed up or down and are perfect for looking pulled together while traveling.

7. A Neutral Trench

My coat of choice is most often a trench, and when traveling a neutral trench is best. Paired with jeans or over a dress, a trench is very flexible in its abilities and is a classic staple that is very dependable.

8. A Jersey Dress

The fabric of choice in travel – jersey.  It doesn’t wrinkle and it can form to the figure of your body, thus, avoiding any frumpiness.

9. A Cardigan

In lieu of a coat, a cardigan provides style, coverage and warmth when necessary.  Throw in a neutral tone, grey, beige, black, or soft pink, the next time you travel and you’ll always looked put together.

10. Lovely Pajamas

Never neglect your style upon heading to bed.  By having a luxurious pair of pajamas (and a camisole to wear underneath) you are appropriately dressed for opening the door to room service, having coffee with your host in the morning before you get ready, all the while looking lovely. These particular pajamas were on my wish list, and recently I was able to purchase a pair for myself.  It truly does make traveling a bit more luxurious.

Now add an oversized pair of sunglasses or aviators and you are set!  Enjoy your trip. | The Simply Luxurious Life

20 thoughts on “The Perfect Travel Wardrobe

  1. Great list. I also bring a lightweight crochet beanie with me. It’s light, and can be tossed in the oversized bag. Sometimes my hair doesn’t look good after a long flight…I put this on and voila….looks like I meant to wear the beanie all along.

    Have a great week!

  2. Hello, definitely a big tote and a long jersey dress, I’d probably pack at least 3 different colours like navy, grey and turquoise for a touch of color.

    Have a lovely up and coming vacation.

    Lisa xx

  3. Beautiful post, could not agree more. Love the pictures you chose to go along with each one. I feel like we are long lost sisters! Here’s to a great week! xoxo Carrie

  4. i love the nautical top & jersey dress. im so jealous of ppl who look effortlessly chic.
    but i do have oversized sunglasses so i guess thats at least 1 point for me! 🙂

  5. Great tips especially the oversize scarf.

    I put one in a large zip lock bag in my (oversize;) tote to keep it from getting snagged on anything else in my bag. It has been a blanket on the plane, a sun shade for the baby’s stroller and an impromptu picnic blanket.

    I also love to see people dress stylishly when they travel. You can look fab and still be comfortable and who wants to look at a bunch of baggy sweats and sneakers?

  6. Brooks Brothers pajamas are so comfortable. I have a pin-striped nightshirt that always looks presentable.

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