Pay Yourself Instead
Thursday March 10, 2011

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{A simply luxurious life, while full of the concept less is more, luxuriates in the decadence of high quality, complementary style and an appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us in decor, fashion, nature and people themselves. One does not need to maintain a balance in the bank that one might associate with a millionaire, however, it would be a mistake for me not to address the fact, that being secure financially – just the knowledge of this fact – brings about a priceless piece of mind that contributes greatly to a well-balanced simply luxurious life.

With that said, peruse through the entire archives focused on Money here where I focus on sharing a bit of financial food for thought that will help you create a sound financial life that makes it possible to make the choices that will help you create the life of your dreams.  Because after all, simply having choices is a luxury – enabling independence, however we might choose to go about our every day lives. }

One of the daily emails I receive is from The Daily Worth which shares small tidbits of information how to be more financially savvy.  Earlier in the week they shared a tip that has saved me hundred of dollars a year, and I had to pass it along.

We all are reminded that we must stay in shape, burn calories and be active, but at what expense?  When I first moved to Portland in my early twenties, I immediately dashed to the local 24 Hour Fitness in my area and became a member. With monthly payments of over $30 at the time I felt it was a good investment, however, when my budget changed a few years later due to my first home purchase, I had to reprioritize what was worth my hard earned dollar.  Could I sufficiently work out on my own or did I need to pay over $300 a year to make sure I got my little fanny over to the gym?

Well, after much contemplation and after reading Mireille Guiliano’s French Women Don’t Get Fat, I convinced myself that I could forgo the gym.  I gave myself six months.  As a way of taking preventative measures, I paid for a one time session with a personal trainer I trusted and asked her to show me all of the free weight and strength exercises I could do in the comfort of my own home and still reap the same effects.  That particular investment saved me oodles and seven years later, I am still no longer a member of a gym, am in the best shape I have ever been and have more money in my bank account, which feels great.

Here are a few ways to help transition from working out at the gym to working out successfully at home:

1. Dog Owners – there is no excuse! Walk, walk, walk – each day.  You’ll receive more dog kisses because of it, and they will sleep much more soundly, as will you.

2. Make a date with a friend to walk or run.

3. Schedule to do your strength workouts or treadmill during your favorite show so that you’re more motivated to hop up and get going. Or watch a movie or program your DVR.

4. Schedule your workout time like an appointment for work. After all, we’re talking your health which is paramount to success everywhere else in your life and in your relationships.

5. Work out in the morning before the day takes on a life of its own.

6. Purchase fabulous workout clothes.  Just because you’re working out at home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look your best. All the more reason to stay fit.

Out of curiosity, I would love to know what works for you when it comes to working out at home, traveling or on your own. Do share.

6 thoughts on “Pay Yourself Instead

  1. I love all the above…and add, I sleep in my gorgeous running clothes, set my alarm across the room; can be on the treadmill or out the door in under five minutes! half way done with my workout in the time it would take to slowly get dressed etc.

  2. I lost 9lbs in one month because I started to walk to work instead of taking the subway. The total trek is a mere 3 miles roundtrip. My favorite is walking past all the other people sweating it up in the gym.

  3. Erin – I am impressed! But just getting over those small hurdles makes a huge difference. Great idea!

    Anonymous – Congratulations! You are proof that all it really takes to lose those persistent extra pounds is consistency and balance. I couldn’t agree more with your approach. 🙂

  4. When I got a dog a few years ago, it really transformed by routine. Rain or shine, my puppy had to get out there for a walk – otherwise, he was like a restless lion at night, roaming around the house.

    It also helped transform my blog, because not only did I walk my dog, but I would walk him around the beautiful neighborhoods in Atlanta and get much inspiration!

    When we started to build our new house, my husband asked me to look at my expenditures and see what I could trim (as we were – and still are – carrying two mortgages). He asked if I could give up the YMCA, as I barely ever went there to work out. I was afraid to do it – for psychological reasons – but I did. I still have not incorporated weight training into my routine – the YMCA was perfect for that – so I love your idea of hiring someone to show me how I can do it at home.

    Love that book ‘French women don’t get fat’! I have also incorporated those philosophies into my life (plus, really reducing processed carbs), and it has had a huge effect.

  5. Another amazing FREE workout is the Nike Training Club app on the I-Phone. It is a free app complete with tons of great workouts. It keeps track of your workouts, talks to you to motivate throughout the workout, you can sync your music to the workouts, and the more you excercise the more bonus routines you get! It will also give you healthy recipes. There are workouts from 15 min-45 min long, and all different ability levels. It’s really a great app and worth it!

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