Oregon Oceanside Getaway
Monday November 11, 2013

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Just before school began in September, I took a bit of a respite and escaped to the Oregon Coast. While it was a getaway for me to completely unplug, I chose it as well for my dogs. Looking for space to run, play and get away from the hustle and bustle of work, I found an ideal small northern coast town that was light on tourists and full of beauty and ample sand – Gearhart.

With accommodations at Gearhart Ocean Inn situated two blocks away from the beach, this small town is a secret haven. Voted one of “America’s Best Little Beach Towns” by Travel + Leisure, if you are looking for a quiet coastal retreat, Gearhart should be on your radar. Even though it is only a couple of miles away from the mass tourist destination Seaside, you wouldn’t know it, and that’s why I loved it. A state park keeps the beach free of homes and private ownership, and as you will see in my photos below, the grand expansive of beach only saw a handful of people at any given time.

First, let me rave about the Gearhart Ocean Inn. With only 12 cottages available, this small, yet cozy vacation sanctuary is a must-stay. With a handful of rooms available to guests with dogs (two max), the interiors are welcoming, plush, and very comfortable. (And don’t worry, if you want access to the internet, they have wi-fi.) Both studios and suites are available, and the newly remodeled pebble floored waterfall showers are  a dream. Click here to take a tour through the guest-room options.

As a dog owner, my dogs were greeted with a dog package – bowls, treats, towels, doggie bags and bed cover linens. They certainly make you feel welcome, and with cruisers to ride, as well as outdoor space on a large lawn to relax with a cup of tea or coffee in the morning, this small town is yours to explore and enjoy.

~In order to stock my kitchen, a local produce basket was waiting for me in the kitchen when I arrived (an additional charge).~

Another absolute treat is around the corner from the inn – Pacific Way Bakery & Cafe. The bakery is open at 7 am Thursday through Monday during the peak season, and then open Saturday-Sunday in the winter. The cafe is absolutely adorable with fresh croissants, scones and other pastries and breads in the morning. Bring cash, as they will charge additional fee for tickets under $5.

~above images from Pacific Way Bakery & Cafe~

The cafe is a wonderful place for lunch or dinner with fresh seafood offerings and a very cozy, intimate setting. Pictures line the walls of the town’s history as well as other historical figures such as Winston Churchill.

A vacation I won’t soon forget, it was perfect for what I needed – a chance to catch my breath. And with daily walks basking in scents only the ocean can offer and feeling the sand between my toes while the boys romped and wagged their tails euphorically, it certainly was a simply luxurious vacation.

~all images, unless otherwise noted, by TSLL

Gearhartsunshine | The Simply Luxurious Life, Www.thesimplyluxuriouslife.com

7 thoughts on “Oregon Oceanside Getaway

  1. I’ve spent a couple of long weekends at Cannon Beach, just south of Ecola Park. All the photos I took those weekends are calendar-worthy. The Oregon coast is simply spectacular. Makes me sometimes wish I’d taken that job in Portland instead of the one in England…almost.

  2. How lovely. This is exactly my idea of a holiday getaway and we have similar delights here on the south coast of NSW. The dogs enjoyed it. 🙂

  3. I love Gearhart. Twenty years ago I was visiting family in Washington. As I headed back to California I eschewed the route along Interstate 5 and headed to the Oregon coast. After Astoria and Seaside, there was a sign for Gearhart. Without knowing a thing about the charming town I turned off the highway. As I drove along the road rimming the ocean I thought I was in a Ralph Lauren movie or a story for Coastal Living magazine. Families were walking along the beach and looked as if they just exited central casting–perfectly dressed in a coastal elegance with the requisite golden retrievers, V-necked navy sweaters, and jeans as seen in RL fashion pages over the years. Ever since, my trips to Washington are never without a sortie to Gearhart and Cannon Beach. I love to inhale the sense of my initial reaction to the cedar-shake homes, lightly wind-swept sand dunes, and grassy areas dotted with trees bent by the force of the wind. I am never disappointed by these visits.

    1. So much of what you describe is exactly my experience. It’s like a separate world. And while I know I should keep it a secret, I couldn’t help but share. It is absolutely lovely. Thank you for sharing your experience with this treasure of a town.

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