My Stylish French Box: Enjoy The Seasonal Gifts of France Wherever You Live
Tuesday August 8, 2017

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The scents of Provence were brought into my home today as My Stylish French Box arrived from France.

You too can bring the sensual scents and delectable flavors as well as carefully curated French style into your home each season with a subscription to blogger and author Sharon Santoni’s My Stylish French Box.

Upon visiting her blog My French Country Home, you will quickly come to trust Sharon’s taste and appreciation of the simple luxuries of everyday living. As she will discuss on The Simple Sophisticate podcast tomorrow morning (click here to listen to episode #168), when we pay attention and savor the seasons, the everydays come alive, all the more enriching the quality of our lives. With her new book having just been released today, My French Country Home: Entertaining Through the Seasons, readers will discover ample inspiration for their lives no matter what season may be upon us, which is why I wanted to introduce you to her Stylish French Box.

Upon subscribing (you can subscribe for an entire year, or pay per season or even give as a gift), lovers of France will receive carefully selected goods made by artisans and craftsman in France as well as well-established companies that offer quality products often hard to find in the states or not available to be enjoyed at all. From beauty to home and food, the surprise on your doorstep every three months will, if you are anything like me, bring a smile and a hop to your step, transporting you away to France if only in your mind.

Have a look at my Instagram Stories feature to see what I discovered inside My Stylish French Box just hours ago. Feeling spoiled doesn’t adequately describe the joy, and the house is full of the beautiful aroma of lavender.

So how much is it? For a seasonal delivery (every three months), you will pay $195 a season. If you would like to pay for all four seasons at once,  you will receive a discount and pay $700. And as I mentioned, what better gift to give to the Francophile in your life (the holidays are coming up!): Pay $205 for a gift box (one season only) to bring absolute delight to your loved one’s home and everyday life.

With the taste and discernment of Sharon Santoni, each season delivers a sweet surprise, and if you would like to bring a few regular simple luxuries into your life, this certainly would be a choice to love. Click here to learn more about subscribing, and have a look below to see what has been delivered in past seasons.


~Look inside a box which was delivered to subscribers in a previous season~


~locally sourced French products, many which are unavailable to the states or lesser known, but exquisitely curated products..~


~a look inside this summer’s seasonal delivery, inspired by Provence (only some of the items are seen below)~

~Sharon Santoni with her dogs Gibson and Ghetto (lap)~


TSLL 2017 French Week continues through August 12th. Amusez-vous bien! 

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5 thoughts on “My Stylish French Box: Enjoy The Seasonal Gifts of France Wherever You Live

  1. I too received my Stylish French Box yesterday and spent many happy hours unwrapping and playing with all my beautiful new products from France.
    Love your blog Shannon.

  2. I have not subscribed to Sharon’s seasonal boxes but I did buy her newest book. (Already had her first book.) It arrived overnight (via Kindle) and it’s absolutely lovely. As the review I left for her on Amazon shares, the photographs are beautiful and impart the graciousness of her home. The book’s tone is warm and conversational. I felt like I had visited a dear friend. Well done, Sharon!
    And thank you to you, Shannon, for bringing Sharon to us. This is a thoroughly enjoyable week…and it’s only Tuesday! ?

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