Leaving on a Jet Plane for NYC & NYFW!
Thursday September 6, 2012

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New York Fashion Week is under way in New York City, and for the first time, The Simply Luxurious Life will be there. To explain precisely what this trip means wouldn’t do justice to how ecstatic, giddy and eager I am to arrive. After more than a year and half of planning, saving and dreaming, the reality of it all is about to happen.

With a handful of shows on my list to attend, opportunities to meet with fellow bloggers and others in the fashion industry, as well as simply enjoying New York City in the throes of late summer, I probably won’t realize it’s really happening until I arrive.

However, upon touching down, I will be keeping you informed and up-to-date of all the goings-on amongst the fashion hustle and bustle via pictures, tweets and posts. So this weekend do stop by as there will be no rest as long as there are fashion shows to discuss, street style to fawn over and fabulous stops to share.

~Even with a redeye flight, I’ll be running on adrenaline upon arrival.~

~With my hotel accommodations near Columbus Circle, Central Park South, and the center of the fashion festivities at Lincoln Center nearby, I’ll be in the middle of everything!~

~With Parisa Fowles-Pazdro as style inspiration, deciding on what to wear while somewhat difficult, was also a lot of fun. Even though I won’t be donning Chanel or McQueen, I will be adhering to my signature style and keeping it very simply luxurious. ~

6 thoughts on “Leaving on a Jet Plane for NYC & NYFW!

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