A New Piece of Architecture to See in Paris
Thursday May 18, 2017

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While my list of what to see as well as what to return to see in Paris is long, a new destination has now been added: La Seine Musicale.

Having opened officially on April 22 of this year at the cost of €170m, concerts, exhibition spaces, boutiques, recording studios and carefully manicured gardens have found a modern industrial, yet exquisitely thoughtful new home in the City of Light.

Described by architecture critics as quintessential French contemporary design, the prodigious egg-like structure is built with a lattice aesthetic made of glass and lattice of timber laminate. The paired “solar sail” does exactly as its name implies and gathers the sun’s energy to power the grand space with movable rails that follow the sun.

Designed by Shigeru Ban (a Pitzker-prize winner) and highly revered French architect Jean de Gastines, Le Seine Musicale is located just to the west of Paris on the Île Seguin. Offering onlookers, as well as those with tickets to attend an event, a beautiful view of art to appreciate and admire, the list of places in Paris to find unique inspiration continues to grow. See and learn more about the space here.

Images via Elle Decor & Getty

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