Jenesequa: The Magazine Is Here!
Sunday October 16, 2011

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Last week in The Simply Luxurious Life newsletter, I mentioned my new post as one of the fashion editors for the iPad style magazine Jenesequa.  Thrilled to be part of the talented team brought together by founder and creator Melissa Middleton, I am excited to announce that the debut issue has arrived.  A regular monthly magazine that is available for free download for all iPad users, click here to see our first issue.

The mission at Jenesequa is very similar to The Simply Luxurious Life, and this is a large part of why I wanted to be apart of Middleton’s new venture.  Here is a glimpse at what Jenesequa is all about:

“JNSQ is the first independent, multimedia style magazine for iPad. Free style advice from an international team of editors, at your fingertips!

JNSQ knows that fashion isn’t about spending money, it’s about learning – and implementing – what works for you. It’s about mixing key investments with trendier offerings. It’s about confidence and knowledge. The modern woman doesn’t need a closet full of designer clothes, she needs the tips and trick JNSQ features.

The magazine features interviews with style experts, exclusive cover shoots and spreads, tips and tricks on fashion, beauty, travel, decor and more from our international editorial team.”

What you will find is a magazine that is easy and enjoyable to read, full of advice and ideas regarding fashion, travel, beauty and a dose of inspiration as well. In this October issue, view Versatile Trends for Fall, Stylish Scents and A Thought to Ponder for ideas you have become accustomed to seeing on The Simply Luxurious Life.  For moms, be sure to check out Gina Pomponio of blog Mommy Posh’s article “Rachel Zoe: Hot Momma!”, for those looking for the single most important fall wardrobe item to have, read Nicole Warren’s article “The Blouse” and for decor lovers, check out Katharina Knoll’s article “Fall Decor Trend: Old Is New”.

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