JENESEQUA – April 2012 Issue
Sunday April 15, 2012

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Just released this weekend was Jenesequa’s April issue.  With special features for spring brides, this issue also contains many other beauty, decor, fashion and lifestyle articles. Below is a look at two of my contributing articles – Style Inspiration for April which includes ten things to keep in mind this spring when pulling together your outfits for the day, as well as a piece you may remember about luck and how to attract more of it .

Remember, if you have an iPad or an iPhone (the iPhone app was just added!), the JNSQ app is free – click here to download.

4 thoughts on “JENESEQUA – April 2012 Issue

  1. Hi, I don’t have an iphone and I am rabid to see this! I didn’t see this on the magazine’s website – how can I get to it?
    Thank you, and love your blog!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by! Unfortunately, the magazine that is released once a month is only available to be viewed on iPad or the iPhone. 🙁

      However, you can always stop by my blog on Thursdays for the Style Inspiration post that created what I do now for Jenesequa each month (Styling Tips), as well as stop by on Monday for inspirational posts to start your day (which is what I also share on Jenesequa).

      I hope this helps a bit.

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