J’Adore Paris – Book Review

May 14, 2013

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The ideal pairing: an au courant city guide of Paris and an enjoyable story of a charming and delightful protagonist that readers came to know in Isabelle LaFleche’s last best-selling novel J’Adore New York.

In her most recent novel (released today), LaFleche’s J’adore Paris involves the determined, independent and savvy Catherine Lambert who is the chic Parisian lawyer that successfully navigated the demands and all-business life in New York City in J’Adore New York. Finding herself relocating back to Paris to work for Christian Dior as an intellectual property director, she embarks on a risky operation to undercover counterfeit fashion goods.  LaFleche’s detailed imagery of Dior’s collections that many readers will remember from the runways along with her  locale descriptions, prompted me to highlight many details of places I am now even more curious to visit.

With a mastery of the history behind the famed fashion house and a reputable understanding of the current controversy in the garment industry involving the black market, LaFleche’s expertise strengthens the story-line allowing her readers to become informed as they are simultaneously being entertained.

With Lambert’s colleague Rikash that will leave readers in stitches, a young love that is simple, sweet and not unnecessarily messy and wardrobe details that perhaps may inspire your next trip to the closet, J’adore Paris is a triumphant encore and a wonderful next read for your weekend getaway.

J’adore Paris
342 pages
by Isabella LaFleche
Released – May 14, 2013

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