How to Love an American Man – Book Review
Tuesday August 30, 2011

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Whether or not you choose to love an American man, I highly recommend Kristine Gasbarre’s memoir titled quite simply How to Love an American Man, about a woman in her late twenties who engages in one of the sincerest dialogues with her recently widowed grandmother to unearth the secrets of their 60 year marriage.

An independent woman who lived in New York City, then lived in Milan, Kristine epitomizes the freedom women can obtain all on their own in today’s world.  However, the love of her life is something she has still to find and very much is seeking.

Returning to live in her small hometown with her family after her beloved grandfather’s death, she provides comfort to her mourning grandmother who while clearly very strong is learning how to live a new life with a broken heart due to the loss of her life partner.

The book reads like a fictional book as its protagonist’s inner thoughts take us through the highs of meeting the bachelor that her hometown can’t seem to get enough of and the heart wrenching moments of frustration as she witnesses her grandmother adjusting to her new life.

Initially I was drawn to this book after reading a review of it in The Huffington Post, but then I became weary that it would be about how to “get a man” (as the title directly suggests) which is something that isn’t healthy in any form as it requires the woman to adapt and change who she is. So after reading the first chapter and nearly bawling in public as I did so (my Twitter followers can attest), I read a bit trepidatiously.

However, I was more than pleasantly thrilled that the title is purposely misleading because as Kristine comes to discover through her own experience as she applies her grandmother’s beyond traditional wisdom is that the way to love an American man is to to be “a woman who has goals, who knows herself and what she wants.”

My question to Kristine now is, so how it did all work out? I wonder if she’ll ever share, but then that wouldn’t be the modern woman’s way . . .

Needless to say, it is destined to be a huge success, as Hollywood actresses are already clamoring for the lead role. With such a basic, yet innately ideal title, it’s hard not to want to at least pick up the book and find out more.  Trust me though, it is well worth the few dollars to take the book home and savor.

How to Love an American Man
Author: Kristine Gasbarre
Price: $9.07    click
here to purchase
Pages: 304
Publisher: Harper Paperbacks
Copyright: August 16. 2011

Disclaimer: I was not solicited to write a review, nor was the book given to me.

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2 thoughts on “How to Love an American Man – Book Review

  1. I would not think it would be a “how to meet a man and snag him” book. All men are different (like us women); and that includes American ones. It sounds like a charming story.

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